Can A Dog Get A Black Eye?

can a dog get a black eye

It is not uncommon to have black eyes in dogs. Like, other mammals, eye color can be different due to genetic reasons. Well were are talking about a dog born with healthy black eyes. But if a dog’s eye color changes suddenly or, the dog feels discomfort and the eyes are looking blackish then there … Read More

Why Does My Dog Lick My Period Blood?

why does my dog lick my period blood

It’s no secret that dogs are attracted to the scent of blood, but why do they seem to be especially interested in period blood? Some people believe that it’s because the iron in the blood is appealing to them, while others think that they simply enjoy the taste.  Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember … Read More

How Long After Being Spayed Can My Dog Jump?

how long after being spayed can my dog jump

After your dog is spayed, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to help him heal properly. For example, jumping, running, licking, and more. It’s important to remain your dog calm and quiet for at least two weeks after surgery. This means no running, jumping, or vigorous play. Why? Because … Read More

My dog bleeds when he humps

My dog bleeds when he humps

Bleeding when humps is a common thing among dogs. Most of the time this is a normal issue and can be easily treated with prescribed medicine. But sometimes you might need surgery for that. For this reason, it is important to ensure the reason behind it. So, why my dog bleeds when he humps? Read … Read More

Can You Spay A Pregnant Dog?

Can You Spay A Pregnant Dog

If you are a zoophilist or pet lover, you know the spaying intact dog surgery. Unwanted contacts or accidental meetings between male dogs might result in unexpected breeding, leading to the overpopulation problem.  Basically, spaying is a surgical sterilization operation in which some reproductive or sex organs are removed by a veterinarian. The surgery stops … Read More

Can You Unspay A Dog?

Can You Unspay A Dog

Recently, research said, each day 70 thousand puppies and kittens are born which creates overpopulation. If you have a female dog, you might have heard of spaying dog issues. If you miss out on these parts, then this article will be great knowledge for pet lovers.  Spaying is a surgical process that can be done … Read More

Can Chicken and Rice Make a Dog Constipated

Can Chicken and Rice Make a Dog Constipated

“Money can give you an adorable dog, but only love can make the dog wag its tail.” If you properly feed and care for your dog, they will remember you forever. It is essential to know what meals are suitable for them to eat and which ones can bother your dog’s digestive system.  Rice and … Read More

Can You Use Dog Dewormer On Cats?

Can you use dog dewormer on cats

Using animal dewormers is essential to medicate whipworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms by killing and paralyzing the parasites. It is an anthelmintic medication or drug that we give to our pets to heal illnesses. For dogs, you have to treat tapeworms and nematodes, whereas tapeworms and roundworms are picked at the time of worming for … Read More