How To Break Squeaker In Dog Toy?

Though a squeaker toy is a great option to keep the dog engaged in fun, its squeaking sound can trigger their predatory instinct and make the family annoyed. So many pet parents decide to break the squeaker in the toy to avoid causing unwanted consequences and keep the environment calm. If you don’t know how to break the squeaker in a dog toy effectively without damaging the toy or ruining the fun, read on.

This article covers the simple yet effective process to break the squeaker in a dog toy and some helpful tips to handle a dog if it gets too aggressive with squeaky toys.

How to Break Squeaker in Dog Toy?

how to remove squeaker from dog toy

Though you can quiet the squeaky toy, breaking it will relieve your irritation. Before customizing the toy, make sure your pooch loves the toy despite its squeakiness. Below are some tips for breaking squeakers in dog toys.

Soft Toy Squeak

Compared to the plastic squeaky toy, softer toys are much quieter. Still, it can produce a loud noise if your dog bites at the exact spot. In this case, find out the place where the squeak is inserted. Then make a little notch on the spot and remove the squeaking part using a tweezer. Finally, sew the incision, and you’ll no longer hear the squeaking noise.

Plastic Squeak Toy

Plastic squeaky dog toys come in various shape, including rings, animals, and balls. These toys can also be converted into interactive food-finding toys, making it beneficial to make the dog’s playtime more exciting.

This also lets your pooch enjoy the treats rather than squeaking. In addition, if your fussy dog always runs away from food, you can add various things rather than treats.

To customize the plastic squeaky toy, find the spot from where it produces a squeaking noise. Remove that part from the toy using scissors or a screwdriver. You may also need to make a hole. Then soak them in warm water to sterilize them.

Once the toy has dried, fill it with treats. Doing so will dispense treats whenever your dog rolls the toy. To impress your fussy canine, you can use some ropes. Your pet will enjoy pulling every yarn strand out of the toy.

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What to Do If Your Dog Gets too Aggressive with Squeaky Toys?

how to get squeak out of dog toy

Though most dogs enjoy playing with squeaky toys, some become aggressive. So it’s a good idea to know what to do if your dog gets too excited while playing with a squeaky toy.

In this case, you should set boundaries during playtime so your dog doesn’t get out of control. Teach your pets to ask for the toy by standing calmly, lying down, or sitting. Your dog should also drop the toy when you ask. Luckily, playtime is a perfect time to teach and encourage respectful behaviors.

Some dogs contribute to resource protection. Therefore, they may become excited whenever they get a special toy. Dogs can also become aggressive toward other dogs or humans in their environment. Look for signs like a stiff body, a lowered head, growling, and exposed teeth when your dog is playing.

So if you have a resource guard dog teaches him to realize that you want to play and won’t take her toys. In most cases, seek the aid of a veterinary behaviorist to prevent this aggressive behavior before it gets worse.

Otherwise, eating toys can be dangerous for your dog. If the aggressive behavior keeps increasing, follow the instructions of an expert dog behaviorist to fix the issue.


1. Why do dogs break squeakers?

Your dog may break squeakers to relieve boredom, manipulate objects, explore the world, and feel good. The squeaker sound of the toy also entices the dog to bite, chew, or break the toy. In addition, your pooch may get more excited due to the sound and feel of biting.

2. Do squeaky toys hurt dogs’ ears?

Squeaky toys are both good and bad for a dog. Though its high-pitched noise won’t hurt the dog’s ear, it can encourage unwanted behaviors like aggression, destruction, and anxiety. Still, squeaky toys are the perfect tool to keep your dog engaged and having fun.

3. Should you allow your dog to play with squeaky toys?

In general, the squeaky toy can cause hyperactivity. Hence, many dog breed experts recommend giving squeaky toys only for special occasions like stimulation for young pups, photographs, or deafness testing. Many dogs become destructive with squeaky toys, while others can destroy them within seconds to kill the squeaker.

Final Words

A squeaker toy is a super fun way to keep a dog engaged with play and provide a safe outlet to encourage their species-typical behavior. This sort of toy can also help relieve stress and create a bond between the owner and the pet.

However, the squeaker toy can encourage your dog’s aggressive behavior due to its sound, which needs to be controlled. However, now that you know how to break squeakers in dog toys, I hope you can prevent this behavior from getting worse. You can also give them a Silent Squeaker Dog Toy to make playtime more exciting and safe.

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