How To Break Squeaker In Dog Toy?

how to break squeaker in dog toy

Though a squeaker toy is a great option to keep the dog engaged in fun, its squeaking sound can trigger their predatory instinct and make the family annoyed. So many pet parents decide to break the squeaker in the toy to avoid causing unwanted consequences and keep the environment calm. If you don’t know how … Read More

Why Does My Dog Stand Over Me? How to Control it?

why does my dog stand over me

Recently, I noticed my dog standing over me whenever I sit down or lay on the couch, which disturbs my normal activities. Why does my dog stand over me? How can I control it? It’s a common yet confusing experience for most pet parents. However, the standing behavior of a dog isn’t concerning, as they … Read More

Why Is My Dog Having Accidents After Being Neutered? How To Control?

why is my dog having accidents after being neutered

Are you tired of cleaning the house or surrounding area after taking the dog back to the house from neutering or spaying? Wondering why is my dog having accidents after being neutered? Don’t know how to control or prevent it? Typically, dogs can have frequent accidents after being neutered due to urinary incontinence, or UTI, … Read More

German Shepherd Plott Hound Mix

german shepherd plott hound mix

The German Shepherd is one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. Developed in the late 19th century in Germany, the German Shepherd was bred to be a herding dog. As such, they are intelligent, loyal, and highly trainable, making them ideal pets for many families. While, the Plott Hound is slightly less … Read More

Why does My Dog Sneeze in My Face? Reasons and Tips to Reduce

why does my dog sneeze in my face

Are you more afraid of your dog’s sneezing than enjoying the cute-looking eyes and noses during this act? Wondering why does my dog sneeze in my face? Dogs sneeze mostly to communicate, show love and affection, and ask to play, or have allergies. However, it can be the result of some serious health issues. Read … Read More

Why Does My Dog Snort At Me

why does my dog snort at me

If you’re a dog lover, you know that our canine companions can communicate in some pretty unique ways. While most of us are used to hearing our dog bark, growl, and even howl, some dogs have a particularly strange way of showing their emotions: snorting. If your pup is snorting at you, you might be … Read More

Can A Dog Get A Black Eye?

can a dog get a black eye

It is not uncommon to have black eyes in dogs. Like, other mammals, eye color can be different due to genetic reasons. Well were are talking about a dog born with healthy black eyes. But if a dog’s eye color changes suddenly or, the dog feels discomfort and the eyes are looking blackish then there … Read More