Can Chicken and Rice Make a Dog Constipated

“Money can give you an adorable dog, but only love can make the dog wag its tail.” If you properly feed and care for your dog, they will remember you forever. It is essential to know what meals are suitable for them to eat and which ones can bother your dog’s digestive system. 

Rice and chicken meals are commonly known as healthy dishes for dogs. However, some dogs have experienced constipation issues when they consumed meals of chicken and rice. It mainly occurs when the dogs are being fed a bland diet because of diarrhea or other digestive problems. So, some pet lovers have asked, “Can Chicken and Rice Make a Dog Constipated?”

If you follow the right recipe, a diet of chicken and rice shouldn’t make your dog constipated. Let’s take a glance at the proper chicken and rice amounts that you can serve in front of your lovely dog to keep them healthy!

What is Dog Constipation?

Are you upset because you made your dog constipated? Don’t worry! We will suggest why it happens and how to overcome the constipation problem in dogs. Before that, let us tell you something about dog constipation.

Constipation is irregular or challenging feces or stool, which is actually a temporary issue. It’s really heartbreaking when constipated dogs try to urinate but feel uncomfortable because of strain. It is generally an ongoing, chronic, and irreversible medical condition that is frequently linked to obstipation (another name for constipation).

Therefore, if you feel that eating chicken and rice caused your pet to undergo constipation, you should look for the right recipe to make a chicken and rice meal. By removing the disrupted, hardened fecal matter, you can easily recover from the constipation problem.

How can you identify a constipated dog?

When you take your dog outside, keep an eye on them. You can suspect constipation if he isn’t passing feces, is straining to pass stools, or produces stools that are hard and difficult to pass. 

Constipation is likely brought on by ingesting unpleasant or undigested foods. Most dogs have at least one bowel movement every day. If your dog is constipated, they will usually make various failed efforts to pass feces. 

What Foods Make Dogs Constipated?

What Foods Make Dogs Constipated

Bone Meals

Actually, it’s not about chicken or rice meals that make your dog constipated. It develops when the dog gets bone meals and other forms of calcium absorption, or usually comes when the dog does not ingest enough fiber. 

This is due to the calcium’s interaction with water in the intestines, which leads to the formation of a mess that restricts the release of feces from the body. So, be careful to include a high-fiber diet that contains a variety of fruits and vegetables with fiber.

Fast Foods

A diet that includes fast food can increase the body’s toxic load and lead to anemia, digestive issues, malnutrition, and even diabetes. A balanced diet is essential for your dog, and remember, different diets work well for various breeds, ages, and levels of activity.

Your dog faces tummy troubles when you give him treats as they contain a lot of fat or sugar. Make sure you provide them with a balance and stop giving frequently.

Lack of Exercise

Constipation in dogs is also more likely to happen when the dog does not exercise enough. If they eat food that is not good for digestion, they will experience constipation. 

So, if they do not exercise, they will have to put on weight, putting a strain on their stomachs and intestines that causes less effective digestion of food. Also, the wrong meals can lead to constipation problems.

Can Feeding Chicken and Rice Cause Constipation in Dogs?

So starting by answering the question – can rice and chicken constipate a dog? Rice is a healthy source of carbohydrates, and chicken is a fantastic source of high-quality protein. They are very healthy for dogs. Unfortunately, the reply is “yes”. Sometimes this meal can cause constipation problems. 

Why Does Dog Constipation Happen?

Why Does Dog Constipation Happen

Changing Dogs Diet

Actually, it occurs most frequently when you change the dog’s diet, and an enlarged prostate gland may result in a dog experiencing constipation. So, make sure the dog is ready for the dietary change.

Eating Lot of Bones

Also, it may happen if the dog eats a lot of bones, and bone feasts might make dogs constipated. But if you follow the correct recipe for making rice and chicken dishes for dogs, it won’t happen!

Lack of Fiber

Another key contributor to these constipation situations is a diet that lacks fiber. When your dog has an upset stomach, they face stomach difficulties, and ultimately it leads them to face constipation issues. 

Well, you can improve the meal by adding unseasoned healthy brown or wild rice, rough oats, or plainly cooked meat to your dog’s diet. But make sure you avoid salt, spices, and other seasonings and herbs because they are bad for dogs.

Poor Feeding Habits

Consuming non-food items or poor feeding habits can also cause digestion problems or constipation. To avoid upsetting the dog’s digestive system, make a variation in their food list. You can combine rice with chicken meat and vegetables by adding cooked vegetables like raw broccoli, beans, peas, carrots, and lentils in tiny portions.

Not Drinking Much Water

Most frequently, animals like dogs become constipated as they never drink enough water. You can try to offer them a good amount of water to drink

Therefore, adding some plain boiled sweet potatoes and plain oatmeal to your dog’s diet will assist. Use eggs as a substitute for rice and chicken in your diet. It’s advantageous for dogs as well.

Digestion Problem

Therefore, white rice and boneless, skinless chicken are great! If you discover your dog is having digestive system issues, make the dish with white rice. Try to add white rice instead of brown rice to make them feel healthy. Due to its high fiber content, brown rice helps with canine constipation.

If you find your dogs are having constipation issues, you can avoid giving them rice and feed them shredded chicken instead. Additionally, you can offer your companion dog a few tablespoons of cooked pumpkin every day because it’s rich in fiber and helps cure constipation difficulties.

Determine The Time of Changing Food Habits

You have to determine when the dog is ready for the change in diet and when they can get back to taking regular food. Leave behind the bland chicken and rice diet after a certain period of time. 

So, we suggest meeting the vet to understand what symptoms to watch for. Don’t change your food habits after two or three days. Get them regular food at least once a week, or the sudden food-changing habit will ignite the constipation issues again.

You have to come up with the regular meals Progressively. Get back to the usual diet by blending a little bit of the regular food with the chicken and rice and then gradually increasing its amount. They will be habituated to the new diet, and there will be no risk of constipation.

How long should a dog be constipated After a Chicken and Rice Meal? 

If your dog has diarrhea, a rice and chicken diet can help the dog overcome diarrhea, tummy troubles, or constipation. If the dog has diarrhea, the meal can ease your pet’s digestive problems.

You have to check your dog’s movement at least for two days, or 48 or 72 hours at best. If you find that they have had a bowel movement, see your vet immediately for a checkup. 

Keep in mind that these symptoms could resemble those that indicate a urinary tract problem, so tell your vet to test properly to determine the exact sickness and illness reason. Sometimes, dogs have the ability to hold poop. If he doesn’t poop for more than 48 hours, the bog might be suffering from constipation. But don’t worry! They will be fine!

What quantity of chicken and rice should we give the dog?

When you feed your dog a chicken and rice meal, make sure you choose the appropriate calorie intake for your dog’s size and weight. As a result, the quantity of chicken and rice should also determine the ideal number of calories.

You should know that one cup of chicken and rice contains 350–400 calories. Therefore, the daily caloric requirement for an average dog is 30 calories per pound of body weight. And in the case of older dogs, they will need fewer calories than puppies. It’s because the rate of metabolism has been considerably reduced.


1. What can I give to a constipated dog?

If the dog is facing constipation, give the dog a canned pumpkin, canned dog food to improve moisture, Bran cereal, Metamucil, Siblin, enemas, or extra water a heal them from constipation. Also, exercising regularly for healthy digestion can help the dog get rid of constipation.

2. How much chicken and rice should we feed the dog?

Start with 1 cup of the chicken and rice mixture because we usually give 4 cups of food to the older dogs. Keep in mind that a cup of chicken and rice has 350–400 calories.

3. Does boiled chicken give dogs diarrhea?

No, if you carefully boil the chicken until the inside is completely white, it will be great for the dog’s health. But undercooked chicken might make the dog have diarrhea.

4. Can I give olive oil to my dog for constipation?

Yes, oils are an effective and good home remedy for dog constipation. So, you can add a teaspoon or two of mineral oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil, per 20 pounds of body weight to the dog’s diet.

Final Words

So, we are almost near to the end of the article, Can Chicken and Rice Make a Dog Constipated. We have discussed that the right recipe and proper amount of rice and chicken meal won’t make the dog constipated. 

We have also shared what causes dog constipation. So, no more worries about your favorite dog! If you have read our article, now you have all the information about a dog’s tummy issues and how to resolve them. If you find the article helpful, take a cute snap with your puppy and share it in the comment box. We would love to see that.

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