Can You Spay A Pregnant Dog?

If you are a zoophilist or pet lover, you know the spaying intact dog surgery. Unwanted contacts or accidental meetings between male dogs might result in unexpected breeding, leading to the overpopulation problem. 

Basically, spaying is a surgical sterilization operation in which some reproductive or sex organs are removed by a veterinarian. The surgery stops the dog’s heat cycle and reproduces instinct-related behavior so that they cannot continuously breed. 

However, we have a question: Can You Spay A Pregnant Dog? Actually, some myths make us believe that dogs cannot be spayed while pregnant, but the truth is that a vet can spay a pregnant dog. Spaying a dog is an essential operation, whether the dog is pregnant or not. So, ignore the myth and go ahead with the surgery! Your dog will be fine! Read the article to get more information about pregnant dog spaying sessions. 

Myths Behind Spaying Pregnant Dogs

The myth is that pregnant dogs cannot be spayed successfully. The true fact is that many pregnant dogs and other animals can be spayed comfortably by the vet to avoid overpopulation issues.

Your vet will determine the stage of pregnancy and then they will decide on the safest spaying procedure. So, if you’re having trouble understanding how to manage your pregnant dog, simply read the entire article. You will leave the site with a clear explanation of the topic.

Can Female Dogs Get Spayed During Pregnancy?

Can Female Dogs Get Spayed During Pregnancy

Though some veterinarians are aware that performing spaying surgery during pregnancy can be risky at times. But yes, you can spay the pregnant dog safely. But you have to confirm that the pregnancy has been stopped before the spaying process. Stop the pregnancy as spaying would demand the removal of the female dog’s uterus and ovaries.

You can simply complete the surgery on your dog, which is an easy-going operation. A professional veterinarian can successfully do the surgery at a local low-cost spay or neuter service. Hopefully, the operation will be successful and your pet will recover quickly. 

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Dog Spay During Pregnancy

Dog Spay During Pregnancy

Spaying your dog during pregnancy can be challenging sometimes since the dog is already pregnant and carrying a child inside. Before getting spaying surgery, you should be aware that the uterus and ovaries will be removed from the body of your dog.

How do you spay a pregnant dog? If the uterus is gravid, the growing embryos and the pregnancy are removed together to stop the pregnancy. When a dog gets spayed during pregnancy, she is at a higher risk than when she gets spayed routinely. During pregnancy, the blood vessels in the reproductive tract increase and become harder to tie off.

The spaying round makes the female dog unable to reproduce after the surgery. So the uncontrolled pregnancy fear is over! Sometimes, your beloved companion dog must have to spend an extra day in the hospital or they have to wear a bandage around her belly. 

Pregnancy time spaying is okay, but you have to carefully complete the job. Keep in mind that, excessive bleeding may increase the risk after surgery develops with the pregnancy stage and the dog’s size.

How to Spay The Dog During Pregnancy?

Two Ways to Spay

There are two techniques for spaying a dog: Ovariohysterectomy and Ovariectomy. Ovariohysterectomy means the extraction of both the ovaries and the uterus, whereas ovarianectomy means the removal of only the ovaries.

Determine the Pregnancy stage

If any professional vet confronts the surgery session, they will follow some excellent tips and tricks to spay the dog during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a crucial time, so don’t hurt your dog with the wrong surgery session. Determine first what you should do and then take the proper step of spaying. 

Except for the risk of severe bleeding, this is a pretty common surgical operation for dogs. Simply, the doctor checks the dog’s health and pregnancy first before starting the surgery to ensure spaying will be successful.

Meet a Vet

Take your dog to an expert vet. Usually, a veterinarian starts the surgery by giving general anesthesia to confirm the dog’s sleep. What’s next? 

After that, the veterinarian will make a small cut in the female dog’s tummy and surgically remove the uterus, together with the unborn puppies, and confirm the removal of other reproductive organs that help in breeding. 

If you prefer to avoid infection, keep her calm and prevent her from chewing or scratching the bandages or incision site. 

Give the Dog Rest

Don’t worry! The surgical session is ended, and the dog will be okay soon to perform its regular activity after taking some rest. This surgery will not change her personality, aggression, or weight. Just the lack of breeding means they will act the same as before.

When Can You Spay a Pregnant Dog

According to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, there are no restrictions on how late in a pregnancy a dog can be spayed. However, it is critical for dog owners who want to keep their dogs safe after the operation. We have got plenty of questions about whether a dog can be spayed even if she is pregnant.

Pick the Ideal Spaying Time

While spaying the dog, the ovaries are removed, and the puppies will die eventually after the procedure is completed. It’s not abortion but kind of related to abortion as we stop the pregnancy first.

This is necessary to determine the stages of gestation and when it is most ideal to spay your pregnant dog. Generally, you can spay a pregnant dog at any time. Still, it is better to do this early in the pregnancy, or it may make the dog suffer. 

Never Delay the Spaying Surgery

You should also consider some other things before spaying the dog. If you find the dog is in heat, take her to spay so you don’t have to wait for her pregnancy. Veterinarians suggest that accidental pregnancy should be avoided by spaying the dog quickly. Simply, wait for the completion of your dog’s heat cycle before having her spayed. The operation will be successful!

For instance, delaying the spaying of dogs until the puppies are about to be born is both distressing and illegal. Also, if the pregnancy is already in its final stages, the risks are obviously higher. We highly suggest getting them spayed as soon as possible to ensure that threats are kept low so that the dog feels safe during the surgery.

Why You Should Spay The Pregnant Dog

We should know that, nowadays, dogs are breeding continuously as they cannot control their heat cycle and sexual desire. Spaying is a way to remove their reproduction organs that can control the pregnancy rate of dogs. Let’s have a look at why spaying pregnant dogs is a necessary part.

Risk For The Dog

Sadly, when your dog gives birth to cute, fluffy puppies during pregnancy, spaying can be dangerous for the dog’s life. However, once a pregnancy has begun, immediately spaying a dog might be a smart way to avoid overpopulation as well as the dog’s health risk. Maintain the dog’s health by choosing the ideal time for spaying surgery.

Accidental and Uncontrolled Dog Pregnancy

Dog lovers become anxious about a sudden or accidental dog pregnancy. Dog owners who are not expecting puppies decide to spay the dog so that they cannot reproduce in the future. Overpopulation of animals is a big issue. So, prevent them from becoming pregnant by spaying the pregnant dog. 

Responsibilities of little puppies

If you are a pet lover, you must know that when a dog spawns little puppies, they probably give birth to 6 to 10 puppies at a time. So, taking responsibility for many puppies is a hassle! In that case, spaying dogs can be the best option. 

It is your duty to take proper care of your dog as they are the best friends of your life, no doubt! But when your dog has puppies, your responsibilities as an owner grow. If you are not ready to take duty as it will be difficult to manage a lot of puppies, you can opt to spay the early pregnant dog. 

Advantages of Spaying a Pregnant Dog

Well, it’s time to talk about the advantages of spaying dogs during pregnancy. Your female dog needs to be spayed for some essential reasons. Let’s mention why it’s necessary and how a dog owner and the female dog get benefits after the surgery. 

  1. There is no chance of breeding puppies in dog shelters as spaying removes the reproductive organs.
  2. If you are not yet ready to care for puppies, spay your dog to relieve yourself of the responsibility of keeping puppies safe.
  3. Spayed dogs ensure a long, healthy life. They only lose their sex organs.
  4. Female dogs who have been spayed are not at risk of infections, cancers, or uterine illnesses. They will be protected from any potentially fatal diseases.
  5. The surgery will leave them completely fine and you will also notice some good behavioral changes as there are no reproduction organs. 

Disadvantages of Spaying a Pregnant Dog

As the surgery has so many benefits, we would like to mention some negative sides of this operation for the dogs. However, there are only a few problems regarding the surgery, so don’t worry about this! 

  1. The surgery is associated with hormone imbalance. According to research, there have been incidents of hypothyroidism mentioned, especially in the case of dogs who were spayed before their first heat. It’s not necessary to do so during the first heating time.
  2. Pick the ideal time for spaying the dog during pregnancy, or it may put the dog in a deadly situation. Meet your vet and make sure you understand the stage of pregnancy, as it’s a crucial situation.


1. Can I get my dog spayed while pregnant?

Yes, you can spay the dog when she is pregnant. But we suggest spaying the dog when they are in the first stage of pregnancy, or it may put your female dog at risk.

2. Does spaying terminate pregnancy?

You must stop the pregnancy before spaying. In this surgery, the uterus and ovaries are removed. If the uterus is gravid, the growing embryos and the pregnancy are terminated. And your female dog will never have another litter.

3. Can a dog be spayed after a pregnancy?

When the puppies are four to five weeks old, the spaying surgery can be done.

4. How many times should dog be bred in lifetime?

A female dog should have 4-6 litters of puppies and be spayed to maintain her beautiful and healthy body.

Final Thoughts

Let’s go over and wrap up the entire section on can you spay a pregnant dog.You can easily spay the dog when the pregnancy is in the first stage. We have discussed how you can spay your pregnant dog and why it is important to do the surgery. 

One of the most essential decisions you will make as a dog owner is spaying the dog. If you intend to perform surgery on your first-stage pregnant dog, we hope this article can be very helpful.

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