Why Does My Dog Mess Up My Bed?

“Home is where the dog runs to greet you.” If you own a dog, you’ve probably observed that dogs have a peculiar bedtime where they mess with the bed. Imagine, you’ve come from the office after a hectic day and find the dog has messed up the bed! But why does this happen? And some doggie lovers have asked, “Why Does My Dog Mess Up My Bed?”

The simple answer is that your courageous and adorable dog finds the bed as territory, or they might be anxious or curious about the bed sheets or covers. So they make scratches and mess with the bed. Sometimes dogs find the best shelter in bed for a warm, comfy space to sleep, so they mess things up. 

However, this behavior drives the dog’s owner insane, which is why they want to find out why the dog is digging in the bed. This is completely normal behavior among all dog breeds, so don’t be stressed.

Reasons Behind Messing up the Bed

Reasons Behind Messing up the Bed

There is a long history behind dog messing or digging in the bed topic. Dogs are recognized as wild animals. Your dog digs on your bed because of a natural tendency that is actually passed down from its wild ancestors. 

Scratching or digging in the bed is completely normal behavior. Digging is, in reality, a natural activity for dogs. If your dog tears up your bedsheets too much, it can become extremely inconvenient because it is not considered a normal act. Why would a dog dig and participate in other harmful behaviors in bed?

Basically, dogs mess on beds for a multitude of reasons. For example, when they face anxiety, boredom, or physical issues, they tend to mess things up frequently. Your lovely dog actually looks for the perfect shelter to survive, especially in the case of domestic dogs. 

When they mess up the bed, they usually look for a comfortable, cold or wet environment. Whether they dig a little hole in the surface to get a cozy feel, or whether they form a nest of leaves and dirt to make a hard surface more comfortable. Now, let’s have a walk to find more possible reasons why the dog messed up the bed. 

Dogs Create Territory

We all know that four-legged animals like dogs have smell organs on their bottom feet that produce a unique pheromone. Your doggie may scratch something like the bed to make his own territory for relaxation. They basically look for comfortable bedding. 

Dogs Anxiety

If the dog starts to mess excessively, it’s because they feel anxious or nervous about something. They might be annoying you too much as they become unable to comfort themselves. In that situation, they might need medication, so take them to the veterinarian.

Dogs have something special, which is that they understand their owner’s emotions and they react accordingly. Environmental changes like changing homes, adding a new pet, or some other disturbance can also make them feel anxious or nervous.

If your dog is left alone in the house for long periods, they feel uncomfortable and get upset due to the lack of interaction, which leads to separation anxiety. Destructive behavior caused by loneliness is so undesirable for them as it does not offer the things that your dog expects.

Bored Dogs

Imagine coming back home from work and finding the bed sheets completely ruined. What does it feel like? Stressful, of course! And your dog hints, “I just tried to be good, but I was bored, Momma.” 

When your dog cannot find anything to play with, they will mess the bed up! Simple as that! Dogs, like humans, eventually get bored and will occupy themselves when left alone and unaccompanied at home. This can be terrible for soft objects and floors, as well as beds. 

A bored dog will view the bed as a fun chew toy. So they start to ruin everything to get a release from boredom. It will come across something that the dog can scratch, chew, or throw away. When you’re not there, make sure your dog has a choice of toys and chew toys to play with. Don’t let them feel alone!

Dogs Curiosity

Almost all creatures are curious about investing in something. If your dog is inquisitive about what’s under the bed cushions or covers, such as leftover food or a toy, they might dig to figure it out. As a result, they make a mess of the bed.

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Lack of Physical Exercise

When your dog does not get enough exercise, he or she may act differently than usual. If a dog has a lot of energy but no destination for it, it can suddenly become aggressive in the house. 

If you adore your puppy, you should definitely take some time to prioritize exercise for your lovely pet. You can also walk with your best companion dog on a regular basis to live a healthy life.

Activities Related to Nesting

When you notice the dog digging or ruining the bed, it could be due to the dog’s nesting behavior, also known as “denning.” Even if they are not pregnant, the pooch has a natural urge to make a house. 

Wild dogs generally make holes in the ground to securely get the puppies and keep them until the dog becomes old enough. In that case, you can buy them a personal dog bed. 

Dogs New Teeth

When you have a puppy, remember that they will have teeth very soon. Getting new teeth, like humans, can be painful and uncomfortable, whereas chewing can help to reduce the discomfort. You might have understood how your dog tore the bed completely. 

Your dog may use the side of its bed to release pressure in its mouth. By presenting dog toys and things for the dog to play with, you should be able to divert their eye back from the bedding.

Absence of Scent

When a dog does not have their own bed, they frequently destroy comfortable bedding. They make your bed comfortable by digging. Also, when you wash a dog’s bed regularly, the scent vanishes from the bed, and that makes them unsecured about the dog’s familiar relaxing place. 

This typically results in excessive scratching and circling, which can ruin bedding. So, it’s critical to keep things clean by using an old dog toy or towel with a familiar scent.

Health Issues

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Campylobacteriosis is a bacterial infection and a common reason of illness in dogs that makes the dog messed up. It could also be a psychological issue, such as your dog not wanting to sleep on your bed. If you find the dog is not behaving well and trying to tear up bed covers or cushions, take them to the vet for better treatment. 

Peeing or Pooping on Bed

Your dog often spoils the bed by urinating or pooping on it. It’s a really unpleasant situation for animal lovers. Take it easy because your grownup dog obviously did not learn all of the rules of toileting. 

Peeing and pooping in unusual areas can suggest that a dog is experiencing emotional trauma. Dogs’ pooping or urinating in the bed or house is also associated with separation anxiety. 

Play Hide and Seek

Another natural behavior of your dog is to hide from other animals. Sometimes they dig a nest, and they always prefer to hide in a safe and comfortable place.

Play Fetch and Catch Game

Sometimes the dog loves to play with the owner. They love to play fetch and catch games. Where they become very excited and the excitement leads them to mess up the bed often.

Other Reasons for Making a Mess in the Bed

Also, when the dog is overheated by the environment during summer, when they practice hunting, and when they expect attention or love, they usually try to cuddle with you or come to the bed. But if they miss out on any of these, they mess up the bed. So, if you want to let them stop messing with your bed, just follow our given ideas.

How to Stop the Dog from Messing Up the Bed: 10 Best Things

How to Stop the Dog from Messing Up the Bed
  1. Initiate with a super comfortable dog bed as they demand their own territory. Ensure you cover the dog’s bed with a large, heavy blanket. That will give your dog lots of space to play with and dig in.
  2. Train some basic learning ideas about how to behave.
  3. Arrange Familiar Objects in Your Dog’s Bed.
  4. Using a decent dog repellent will provide considerable value.
  5. You can trim the dog’s nails or you can use a nail clipper.
  6. Modify the dog’s chew toys or get dog relaxation sprays.
  7. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise. Throughout the day, give your dog enough physical activity, mental stimulation, and socialization.
  8. Consider any recent environmental or behavioral changes.
  9. Check the temperature of your bedroom.
  10.  If you feel that your dog is anxious or nervous, consult with your veterinarian about possible treatment options. Sometimes they need medication.


1. What leads dogs to scratch my bed sheets?

A dog will commonly scratch bed sheets, which is a natural instinct to mark territory for a comfortable sleeping space.

2. Why does my dog push things off my bed?

They generally push things off and cause chaos when they prefer their own territory or when they want to snuggle with the owner by creating a safe and comfortable environment.

3. Should you let your dog sleep on your bed or not?

You can let the dog sleep, but it is not suggested until it has been crate trained and potty trained. There are also certain health risks concerned with sleeping with your dog. But sleeping with the dog has a lot of benefits as well. 

4. How can I stop my dog from ruining the bed?

Give your dog a personal bed or territory, chew toys, take them for exercise, admire or cuddle them, and if they still do not change, take them to the veterinarian.

Final Words

Well, if you are a pet lover who loves to see your dog behaving normally in bed, just keep our given words in mind. We have shared all the possible reasons and solutions for Why Does My Dog Mess Up My Bed? Also, we have mentioned how to make your favorite doggie stop by messing with the bed. 

Actually, behaving and messing with beds is a natural instinct for your dogs. They only crave love and comfort from their owner, and if they lack anything, their behavior changes, and they mess things up. So, solve your dog’s mess-up at bedtime by following our given useful tips. We hope you will overcome the problem. 

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