How to get dog smell out of blankets

It’s very common to have odors from your blanket that your dog uses. But if you’ve never experienced it, then you may keep washing your blanket frequently and give your dog a bath every couple of weeks. Whatever the reason for having bad odors from your blanket doesn’t matter, you have to wash it properly. Let’s see why dog blankets smell bad, and then we will learn how to get dog smell out of blankets. 

Why Does My Dog’s Blanket Stink?

There are a few reasons why a dog blanket might smell bad. The first is that the blanket may not be washed often enough, and so the dirt and sweat from the dog’s body accumulate on the blanket. The second is that the blanket may be made of materials that are not breathable, and so the sweat and moisture from the dog’s body get trapped on the blanket and start to stink. The third is that the blanket may be made of synthetic materials that retain odors more easily than natural fibers.

5 Steps to Get the Dog Smell Out of a Blanket

5 Steps to Get the Dog Smell Out of a Blanket

It does not matter if it is used by a human or a pet, washing a blanket once or twice a month is necessary. However, if your blanket smells bad despite being cleaned frequently, your dog may have an infection or have not been bathed in a long time. No matter what the cause for your blanket odor is, you have to clean it to get rid of further odors. Let’s see five necessary steps to clean your blanket. 

1. Clean Up Any Visible Dirt

Sometimes wired smells come from dirt that is carried by dogs. That’s why you have to remove dirt properly before washing your blanket. If you skip cleaning additional dirt, then you may have to wash your blanket again for any remaining odor. So, what you have to do is find out if there is any visible dirt or hair and remove it naturally. 

2. Use a Mild Detergent to Wash the Blankets

When you are primarily removing loose dirt and hair, it’s time to clean your blanket using detergent. To do this, use as much water as you need to soak your blanket properly and add some detergent to your water. Mix the water well and put your blanket into it and wait for 20-30 minutes. 

Now you have two options. Use your hand to wash your blanket or use a washing machine instead of using your hand. It is better to wash it with your hands for a bigger sized blanket. So, if your blanket isn’t so small or it is extremely filthy, then wash it with your hands. Otherwise, you have to clean your washing machine too. 

3. Soak the Blankets in a Mixture of Vinegar and Water 

Sometimes washed clothes keep smelling no matter how well you wash them. To prevent your dirty blanket re-smelling and to keep it smelling good for an additional time, it is better to soak your blanket in vinegar water. So, how can I use vinegar for washing clothes? 

To wash your clothes with vinegar water, use 1 cup of vinegar for 1 gallon of water. Now, stir well and put your washed clothes into it. Now, leave it for 10–20 minutes and rinse the water as much as you can. 

4. Allow to Air Dry

It is important to dry your blanket in an open space. Here, a sunny spot is better. If you keep your blanket where air flow is not proper and it remains in shadow all day, your properly washed cloth will start to smell bad no matter how well you clean it. So, keep your washed clothes under any open spot where the sun can kiss your blanket. But do not put your blanket under the extreme sun rays for the whole day. Excessive hot sun can fade your blanket’s color if you keep it in the sun’s rays for a long time after it has dried. 

5. If the Smell Persists, Repeat the Washing Process

It happens when you do not wash your clothes properly or if your clothes are too dirty. This can happen too if you keep your blanket for a long time after washing it. 

So, ensure that you have washed your blanket properly and that you have dried it properly. If you do this well, your clothes may not smell bad after washing. However, if you did everything correctly and your blanket still smells bad, stop looking for the cause and wash it properly again.

Should I Give My Dog a Bath if My Blanket Smells Bad? 

Not every time your blanket stinks because it hasn’t been washed in a long time.Sometimes you can experience bad odors from your blanket from your filthy dogs. One possible reason could be that (1) you haven’t given a bath to your dog for a long time or (2) your dog is suffering from any type of infection on their skin under their hair. Giving your dog a bath every four weeks is a good idea to keep them from any type of infectious disease. 

So, how to wash my dog if he makes my blanket smell bad? To wash your dog properly, give them a primary bath using clean water. Now use dog soap or shampoo and rub your dog’s hair properly using your hand. After that, use proper water to finish your dog’s bath. 

Just washing your bad-smelling dog isn’t a solution. You have to wash everything that your dog uses. So, clean your blanket that gets in touch with your smelling dog, and if your dog has a specific house, clean this too. 

So, if you clean your odor blanket and give your dog a good bath, you may get rid of any bad types of dog’s bad smells. 

Bottom Line 

Home is a place where everyone finds calm and peace, but if there are any bad smells in your house, your peace can turn into a matter of worry. So, finding the overall reason for the smells to resolve and washing filthy clothes and blankets can be a way to keep your house smelling good. So, do your blankets smell like a filthy dog? Wash your dog, dog house, and blanket properly. 

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