Why Does My Dog Like To Lick Inside My Mouth? Should You Allow Or Discourage?

Does your dog lick inside your mouth whenever it gets changed? Wondering why does my dog like to lick my mouth? Your dog may lick inside your mouth due to affection, submission, or becoming hungry. Apart from being annoying, this unwanted behavior can also pose some health risks.

Read on to understand whether you should let your dog continue this behavior and how to reduce it safely.

Why does My Dog like to lick inside My Mouth?

why does my dog lick inside my mouth

Dogs are adorable pets and don’t miss the chance to kiss their lovable humans. Though licking can be a loving gesture, it can also be more than we realize. At first, licking may seem cute, but after weeks of constant licking, it may feel annoying. Dogs can lick themselves, their owner, or other dogs for plenty of reasons, including affection, submission, or health issues.


Affection is the key reason why dogs like to lick inside a human’s mouth. This way, your pooch releases delightful endorphins to feel calm and comfortable while showing you love and respect.

You can compare this act with the same feeling and sense of security a kid gets from kissing and hugging their parents. In addition, your dog may also take you as a packmate and prove acceptance by licking inside your mouth.


Submission is a way the dog shows his role in the house. As pack animals, dogs desire a leader to follow their orders. It’s a little more difficult to draw a parallel between domesticated obsessive lickers and wild cold killers.

In contrast, your dog will quickly form a bond with you and start licking inside your mouth. If your dog licks your mouth without any apparent reason, it means it shows you respect and obedience, as well as realizing that you are their pack leader.

You Are Delicious

Wondering why does my dog licks my mouth and nose? It means your pooch feels that your nose, hands, or mouth are like lollipops to them. You should know that dogs have an interest in awkward things like disgusting garbage, dirty underwear, or poop.

Many dog owners report that their dog begins licking their mouth after they return home. This way, dogs examine and investigate them. They identify and recall based on the salt released from the skin, especially when sweating, after licking their lips for a while.

Want to Tell Something

As mentioned, mouth licking is a way your dog may try to communicate with you. Perhaps your dog is trying to tell you how happy she is to have you. In contrast, your dog may be telling you that she is hungry or expressing pure excitement. You should be able to understand your dog’s body language. Apart from licking inside the mouth, some dogs also turn around in circles or bark to show excitement.

Your Dog isn’t Okay

Though dogs can’t talk, they can communicate with their owner. In this case, dogs communicate with owners and other dogs through whines, growls, and barks, as well as body language, biting, licking, and nuzzling. When dogs are stressed or in pain, they may lick inside their owner’s mouth.

If you are concerned, closely monitor your pup to identify other symptoms like sickness and distress. If so, take your pooch to the vet to determine the underlying reason.

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What Happens if a Dog Licks Inside your Mouth?

what happens if a dog licks your mouth

Are you frustrated by the constant licking of your dog? Wondering whether should allow your dog to lick inside of your mouth or not. Though many pet owners don’t mind, you should not allow your dog to lick inside his mouth.

Licking the inside of your mouth isn’t 100% dangerous, and it’s not scientifically proven yet. However, a dog’s saliva may contain bacteria, yeast, and viruses, which can be transferred inside your stomach. And this can be risky for your immune system.

Though a few doggy-face-kisses aren’t much of a warning for a healthy adult, don’t let your pup go all-in with its tongue inside of your mouth. A potential side effect of letting the dog lick inside of your mouth is:

You can get a Parasite

The dog can transfer roundworms and hookworms into your stomach by ingesting other people’s stool or licking inside your mouth. In worse cases, you can suffer from itchiness, skin rashes, a decrease in appetite, weight loss, diarrhea, fatigue, coughing, stomach pain, and fever.

Stomach Upset

Dogs spend the majority of their day with their noses in filthy places such as contaminated water and animal waste, and they can pick up any type of bacteria. And there can be zoonotic bacteria that can enter the human’s stomach and cause various diseases like diarrhea, fever, stomach upset, nausea, and vomiting.

The infection of bacteria includes Cryptosporidium, Clostridium, Giardia, E. coli, Pasteurella, Leptospira, Salmonella, and Campylobacter.

Skin Problem

If ringworm passes to your stomach through your dog’s licking, you can cause a fungal infection and end up with rashes on your skin. The indication that the dog is causing an allergy is that the face becomes red and inflamed after the dog licks it. If so, you can treat the infection using oral medicines and anti-fungal creams. However, it’s preferable to limit the dog’s licking rather than allowing him to eat medicines.

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How to Reduce Dog Licking inside Your Mouth?

how to stop your dog from excessive licking

In most cases, pet parents don’t complain when they get kisses from beloved pets. Humans and animals are two different species and are separated by different views of their surroundings. Fortunately, humans consider licking as affection, which makes people feel happy.

In fact, licking is one of the best ways for pet parents to create a deeper bond with their pets. So the more you’ll learn about your dog, the healthier the connection will be. However, excessive licking can be a part of obsessive behavior and should be discouraged. Instead of punishing your dog, try these safe alternatives:

Monitor the Dog

If your dog frequently licks the inside of your mouth, consult an animal behaviorist. Your dog may have an obsessive-compulsive disorder that inspires him to lick. If so, monitor your pooch carefully to determine how serious it is. Don’t punish your pup, as it can cause anxiety.

In addition, look for other reasons that encourage your pet to communicate with you through licking or by making you feel insecure. Whatever the reason is, consult with an animal behaviorist or vet. If your dog’s instinctive behavior turns obsessive, you should treat it accordingly.

Ignore It

Licking is a well-known dog attention technique. So if you don’t want to reinforce your pet’s behavior, you should neither reward your dog nor give attention to your pet. So don’t make eye contact with your dog.


You can use a command like “no” or “stop” to reduce your dog’s unwanted behavior. In addition, reward your pooch if she responds and stops licking. On the other hand, train your dog to “kiss” and reward training. You’ll have more control over your dog’s licking behavior this way.


Stimulating your dog is vital. If your dog won’t stop licking inside your mouth, it means your dog wants attention. In this case, take your dog to a dog park and give him plenty of exercise.


 Not only should you, but everyone in your family, discourage your dog from licking inside your mouth. Constancy is also important. Hence, you must maintain concrete consistency to train your dog effectively and completely.  

In addition, set personal boundaries to avoid confusing your pet with mixed messages.  Remember, your pooch wants to make you happy. That’s why you can use a greeting code like hand licking instead of licking inside of your mouth, so both of you can remain happy.

It’s Not All Bad

Since you want to reduce your dog’s unwanted behavior, figure out when you hate this act most. When you come home, lay in bed, or sit at your desk? Once you’ve decided, ignore your dog at those times.


1. Why does a dog lick inside of another dog’s mouth?

If your dog licks the insides of other dogs’ mouths, it could be because they are playing. If they lick each other’s lips while lying, it could be because they are submissive or because they like each other.

2. Why does my dog lick my face aggressively?

Your dog may lick your face aggressively as a part of bonding, grooming, and expressing them. This way your pooch may show love to you, seek attention, or soothe them. You may also taste good, which encourages your dog to lick you aggressively.

3. Is it okay to let your dog lick your lips?

According to Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, pet owners should not allow their pets to kiss their mouths, eyes, or noses. Otherwise, you know the potential consequences.

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Final Words

Hope you get enough reason why does my dog like to lick inside my mouth. Though landing a dog’s lick in your mouth won’t cost you a seat in the emergency room, you shouldn’t let your dog do so regularly.

Instead, let your pooch lick your mouth or face occasionally to maintain the bond and keep your dog happy. But if you find out about any health issues, consult with your vet immediately. Lastly, it’s completely up to you whether you’ll encourage your best friend to lick your mouth or not.

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