Why Does My Shih Tzu Lick Me So Much?

Shih Tzus are known for their affectionate nature, and one of the ways they show their love is by licking their owners. While some people might find this behavior annoying, it’s actually a sign of your dog’s affection. So, in case your Shih Tzu licks a lot, it’s likely because they think of you as a beloved family member!

Possible Reasons Your Shih Tzu Licks You

why does my shih tzu lick my face

As a dog can’t talk like a human, the licks its owners to tell something. It is a way to express something. There are so many reasons for licking, these are: 

1. They Enjoy the Taste of Your Skin 

One possible reason your Shih Tzu licks you is that they enjoy the taste of your skin. This is especially likely if you have a lot of salt on your skin, as dogs are attracted to the salty taste. 

2. They Want Your Attention 

Another possibility of licking you is because they want your attention. This is likely if they only lick you when you’re not paying attention to them or if they start licking you more when you’re busy. 

3. They’re Showing Affection 

Your Shih Tzu can lick you to show affection. This is likely if they lick you more when you’re petting them or if they seem to be trying to lick your face. 

4. They’re Trying to Tell You Something 

Sometimes Shih Tzu licks with a view to telling you something. This is especially likely if they start licking you more when they’re hungry or if they start licking you more after you’ve been gone for a while.

However, if your dog licks you too much and you won’t understand “why” then you might take advice from a vet or dog behaviorist to ensure if there is any problem with your dog or not. 

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Why Should You Discourage Your Shih Tzu to Lick You? 

Licking is a common behavior in dogs but there is some risk associated with dogs licking. For that, it is better sometimes to discourage your dog to lick you. See below for some reasons to discourage your Shir Tzu to lick you. 

1. The Risk of Infection 

One reason you might want to discourage your Shih Tzu from licking you is because of the risk of infection. Your dog’s mouth can harbor bacteria that can cause illness in humans, so it’s important to be careful if your dog is licking you. 

2. The Potential for Allergies 

Another reason you might want to discourage Shih Tzu from licking is because of the potential for allergies. Some people are allergic to dog saliva, so if your dog is licking you, there’s a risk that you could have a reaction. 

3. Possible Behavior Problems 

Finally, another reason you might want to discourage licking is because of the possibility of behavior problems. If your dog is licking you a lot, it could be a sign of separation anxiety or other issues.

However, if you brush your dog regularly, do not have any allergy-related problems, and enjoy the affection of licking, then it is OK to let your dog lick.

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How to stop a Shih Tzu from licking 

why does my shih tzu constantly lick me

Though licking is a very common thing and won’t associate a major risk if you keep your dog neat and clean, sometimes licking can be irritating. It also contains a risk to your health if you have an allergy-related problem. However, not every dog owner does not like them. So, how to stop your Shih Tzu from licking? See below for some tips. 

1. Ignore the Behavior 

One way to stop Shih Tzu from nibbling is to ignore the behavior. If you don’t make a big deal out of it when your dog licks you, they’ll eventually learn that it is not a rewarding behavior. 

2. Give Them a Chew Toy to Lick Instead 

Another way to stop your Shih Tzu licking is to give them a chew toy to lick instead. This will redirect their licking behavior to a more appropriate object. 

3. Teach Them the “Stop/Leave It” Command 

Finally, you can stop licking by teaching them the “stop or leave it” command. This will teach them that they should stop licking you when you give the command.

However, there are some other reasons why your dog can lick you. Such as they are in fear, stress, anxiety, etc. for these cases, you can make your dog normal by showing affection and spending enough time with them. By doing this your dog will reduce licking you and after a short period of time, your dog will stop licking. 

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Final Verdict

For Shih Tzu, licking is not an unusual thing. It’s normal behavior to tell its owner something, mostly showing affection. But sometimes excessive lickings can make you irritate and even it can bring the risk of infection if licked on an open wound. Though linking does not bring any major issues and is a symbol of love, it is better to discourage them. 

A short answer to the question of why your dog licks you too much is- your dog may be showing love to you, feeling stressed or fearful, wanting to tell something, or showing gratefulness. 

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