Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Yogurt? Explained!

If you love strawberry yogurt and have a dog in the house, then you can hardly prevent your pooch from licking the leftover pot. In this case, knowing can dogs eat strawberry yogurt or not can give you peace of mind and aid in taking the right decision.

Eating naturally flavored strawberry yogurt won’t hurt your dog as long as he is lactose intolerant. Otherwise eating excessive amounts of strawberry yogurt with added sugar and artificial sweeteners can cause stomach upset and diabetes.

Read on to know the outcomes of giving strawberry yogurt to a dog, ingredients to avoid, and the right sort of yogurt to choose from.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Yogurt?

can dogs have strawberry yogurt

Most probably you are worried about the fact because your pet has already got some amount. Before deciding on whether your dog can eat strawberry yogurt or not, let’s check out the ingredients contained in this meal and their possible effect.

Helpful ingredients

Yogurts have some nutritional benefits for the dog’s health. Along with being tasty, strawberry yogurt provides calcium and protein to the dog. it also offers a variety of minerals and vitamins including C and E.

Strawberry and yogurt contain probiotics which is helpful live bacteria for both human and animals. Probiotics promote a strong digestive system and healthy gut.  Even if you give strawberry yogurt a couple of times a week, it will help combat obesity.

Harmful ingredients

Though strawberry yogurt is greatly beneficial for dogs, you shouldn’t feed them this treat more often because of its risky ingredients.

Strawberry yogurt includes xylitol which can upset your dog’s stomach. Another important thing is that low-fat, non-fat, and regular yogurt all are dairy products. If your dog is lactose intolerant or has other lactose issues, don’t feed them strawberry yogurt. Otherwise, Lactose products can lead to diarrhea, flatulence, and overall discomfort in your pooch’s stomach.

Instead, you can feed them Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt provides a higher concentration of probiotics and it’s a better choice if you suspect your dog has a lactose issue.

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Can You Feed Your Dog Strawberry Yogurt?

can dogs eat strawberries yogurt

though strawberry yogurt is a delicious snack for dogs and a healthy choice, you should feed your dog a moderate amount. Instead of giving them in excess, consider strawberry yogurt just as a snack.

In addition, if you are concerned about the harmful ingredients, serve your dog nonfat or low-fat yogurt. In this case, plain and natural yogurt is a reliable option to depend on. If your dog is overweight, check the labels and make the best decision for them.

Another important thing is the yogurt should be free of any artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners. While most pet parents give their dogs around one to three tablespoons for a snack, consult with your veterinarian to feed the right amount and avoid any issues.

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Ingredients That You Should Avoid

If you decide to serve strawberry yogurt to your dog, make sure the treat is free of these ingredients to avoid stomach upset and other issues:


Yogurt may contain xylitol which is a natural sugar. Though it’s safe for humans can be deadly to dogs. your pooch can suffer from stomach upset in mild cases while you must take him to the vet in serious cases.


Not all dogs can tolerate or digest lactose properly. Giving dairy products to a lactose-intolerant dog can cause an upset stomach. To determine if your furry friend is lactose intolerant or not, give him a little amount of yogurt at the initial stage.

Other Sweeteners

Apart from the xylitol, yogurt may contain other sweeteners like stevia, sucralose, aspartame, and saccharine. Otherwise, your pooch can feel uncomfortable and have stomach pain.

High Sugar Content

Yogurt with high sugar content is extremely risky for the dog. since your pooch doesn’t need high sugar content in their diet, it’s not wise to feed them such an unnecessary meal.

Otherwise eating too much sugar can cause your dog obesity and end up with diabetes. Plain yogurt doesn’t have any added sugar, making it healthy for the dog.

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1. Can dogs eat Flavoured yogurt?

Yogurt with fruits or other mix-ins flavors can be harmful to a dog. the reason is that it contains added sugar as a syrup form and artificial sweeteners.

2. Can dogs eat Greek strawberry yogurt?

Of course, the dog can eat greek style yogurt. However, you shouldn’t give them flavored greek yogurt as it contains added sweeteners. No matter if the sweetener is natural or artificial, it can make a dog sick. However greek yogurt doesn’t have much lactose as regular, making it safer for the lactose-sensitive dog.

3. What type of yogurt is safe for dogs?

Several types of yogurt out there that are good for the dog including greek yogurt, and Valina yogurt. Make sure the yogurt doesn’t have much lactose or a sugar-free substitute like xylitol.

Final Words

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to feeding something to your dog. though your dog can eat strawberry yogurt, give it as a great snack every once in a while instead of all the time.

While the protein, calcium, and probiotics will deliver your dog some health benefits, the added sweeteners and lactose intolerance can cost them a lot. So if you can’t ignore their appealing face, share a little bit for the sake of their good health and happiness for what you always work hard for.

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