Can A German Shepherd Kill A Lion?

Are you afraid of lions and want to defend your family and other domestic animals by adopting a German shepherd? But can a German shepherd kill a lion? No, the German shepherd isn’t powerful and skilled enough to kill a lion.

Read on to understand why a German shepherd can’t kill a lion, why they can’t, and which dog breed can do this toughest job.

Can a German shepherd kill a Lion?

German Shepherds are large dogs with wonderful demeanors and sharp minds that were bred for all purposes. They are also considered the finest guardians in the world for protecting families and territories from intruders and animals.

But when it comes to fighting or killing a lion, a German shepherd or any other dog can’t do it. Though GSDs are a stronger, more intelligent, and more aggressive dog breed, they don’t have enough strength, body weight, bite force, or technique to beat or kill a lion.

Why can’t a German shepherd kill a Lion?

why cant a german shepherd kill a lion

Due to various constraints, German shepherds cannot defeat and kill lions. Some of the most likely causes are as follows:

Predatory Instinct

Lions are wild animals and have predatory instincts by born. Conversely, German shepherds are domestic animals. The GSDs aren’t hunting dogs like the Rhodesian ridgebacks and the Dogo Argentino. Instead, German shepherds are shepherding dogs bred for running and trotting. So the lions can easily defeat the Germans with their hunting and attacking skills.

Body Weight

In terms of body weight, lions can reach 200 kg, while GSD only reaches 30 kg. Undoubtedly, it will be deadly for a GSD to chase or attack a lion. Even if you have ten German shepherds, you cannot fight two lions because the lions have a 100 kg advantage over your group of GSDs.

Jaws and the Teeth

Along with the weight’s benefits, the heavier bite force of a lion will easily crush the skull or bones of your German shepherd dog. At times, its giant teeth can make the bite deadly. In comparison, the German shepherd has smaller and narrower jaws, and their skulls aren’t as big or powerful as the lions. So their bite strength is enough to weaken a lion even if it is trained properly.


The lions also have sharper claws, and their forelegs are also muscular enough to deal killing blows, particularly to an animal that is only 30 kg.

So overall, there is no chance your German shepherd can beat or kill a lion. Instead, your GSD will be slaughtered.

Can 5 or 10 German shepherds kill a Lion?

Dogs are social animals instead of pack animals. So your German shepherd groups might not have excellent teamwork skills like lions or wolves. Lions usually rely on one another to survive, whereas GSDs don’t have to worry about how they’ll bring food. Instead, German shepherds remain relaxed, thinking that someone will definitely feed them.

More specifically, lionesses often need to use teamwork to bring down animals in place of lions. So, if you send 5 or 10 German shepherds after two male lions, your dogs will almost certainly lose despite being outnumbered due to a lack of coordination.

In addition, the lions won’t fear your GSDs even if they bark continuously. In practice, your dogs won’t be very hopeful, even if the lions start running away from them. Dogs do not attempt to spread out or surround other animals in the same way that lions do. Instead, dogs chase the animal in one large, compact group, like cattle. The reason is that GSDs or other dogs use intimidation instead of teamwork.

Another potential scenario is that the lion may start chasing and killing one dog at a time while the rest attack and then target the rest. As a result of their decreasing population, GSDs can be excluded. Though German shepherds are quite speedy, powerful, and smart, they can’t beat the lions due to a lack of skill and confidence. Instead, you may expect five Pitbulls to kill a lion.

What Dog Breed can kill a Lion?

Truthfully, no dog breed on earth can defeat a lion in a one-on-one fight. These big cats are better fighters with their strong front legs, bigger teeth, and sharper claws. Hence, it requires a couple of the toughest dog breeds to kill the king of the jungle. The dog breeds listed below are capable of killing a lion in a one-on-one fight.

The Turkish Kangal

This dog breed is our top choice for several reasons. Firstly, the Turkish Kangal was particularly bred to protect livestock from wolves. Hence, we get the impression that these dog breeds can be better one-on-one fighters against lions than other breeds. Another exciting thing is that the Turkish Kangal has the strongest bite force of 743 psi, which is more than wolves.

In addition, a male adult Turkish Kangal can weigh up to 70 kg, which is also pretty large for a dog. So if you want to see a one-on-one fight between a dog and a lion, you should choose the Turkish Kangal over other breeds. Though one dog might not be strong enough to beat a lion, a lion would run away or be killed if faced with a couple of Turkish Kangal.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolves have enormous hearts in proportion to their size. Though this breed is very gentle, it can still run at a very good speed. With around 35 inches in height, 190 pounds in weight, and 224 psi of bite force, the Irish wolfhound can conquer and kill other dog breeds, even Pitbulls.

But can an Irish wolfhound kill a lion? Yes. If two Irish wolfhounds attack a lion at the same time, they might be able to kill it, but it’s an impossible task for just one Irish wolfhound.

Aside from that, Irish wolfhounds are excellent family dogs and excellent companions for children and the young.


This dog breed is also very intelligent, confident, and has plenty of energy. The Rottweilers are also good guard dogs with their fearless, devoted, and courageous personalities. A full-grown Rottweiler can stand up to 27 inches tall, weigh 140 pounds, and bite with 328 pounds of force.

Combine these, these dog breeds can easily kill a human or other dog breeds. More importantly, Rottweilers can beat a lion in 1 on 1 fight. But the change is very low. If a couple of Rottweilers fight one lion, then the possibility is definitely high. Despite their strength, Rottweilers cannot defeat a lion in a one-on-one fight.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The Caucasian Shepherd is another powerful, robust, and dominant dog breed. These dogs are also very territorial and become highly aggressive if notice something dangerous. With a combination of 500-700 PSI bite force and a courageous personality, a Caucasian shepherd can beat a lion. However, there is a lack of evidence in favor of this statement.


1. Can a German shepherd kill a tiger?

No dog breed including a German shepherd can kill a tiger. The tiger is a wild predator that is much stronger and three times larger than any large dog breed. The lion also has an extremely powerful bite force and won’t take much time to kill a dog.

2. What is the strongest dog breed in the world?

The Saint Bernard is considered the most protective dog breed, according to the American Kennel Club. The Saint Bernard also gets a massive size, a muscular physique, and 180 pounds of weight, making it the strongest breed. These dog breeds are also great as family dogs.

3. How powerful is a German shepherd’s bite?

An adult German shepherd gets 238 to 291 PSI of bite force. Hence, this strong and intelligent dog breed is more often used for law enforcement and protection. Their loyalty and obedience also make the breed popular as family pets.

Final Words

Lions are certainly stronger than any other dog breed, including German shepherds. So a German shepherd can’t kill a lion. However, the other dog breed we’ve mentioned can kill a lion if they attack a group. If you intend to protect your family and other domestic animals from lions, adopting some GSDs can still be a good decision. Though they can’t kill a lion, their constant barking can at least make you aware so you can take the necessary precautions. 

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