Why Does My Dog Cry When He Sees Another Dog?

Are you wondering why my dog cries when he sees another dog? Don’t be worried that much. This is very common among dogs and totally normal. But it is important to know why your dog is crying.

Dogs’ crying is also referred to as whining. A dog can whine for various reasons, such as fear, hunger, loneliness, or sometimes pain. Although whining is normal if your dog is crying more frequently, then ensuring reason and proper treatment is necessary.

So, why does my dog cry when he sees another dog? Read the whole article below to

Is Whining a Matter of Concern?

Whining is a normal part of a dog’s vocal repertoire. Most of the time, whining is not a thing to be concerned about. Normally, a dog whines when they get excited, become anxious, want attention, or try to communicate their needs. While some whining is simply a request for attention or food, other types of whining may be a sign of distress. If your dog is whining more than usual, it’s important to pay attention to the context and tone of the whine to determine whether or not it’s a cause for concern.

Reasons Your Dog May Cry When He Sees Another Dog

Because there are so many reasons for dogs to cry when they see other dogs, it becomes harder to understand for which reason the dog is crying. See some of the most common reasons below and try to figure out for which reason your dog whines.

Lack of socialization

One of the main reasons your dog might be crying when he sees another dog is a lack of socialization. Dogs that lack socialization often have a hard time adjusting to new environments and may be fearful of other dogs.

If your dog is not properly socialized, he may cry when he sees another dog because he is unsure of how to interact with them. Proper socialization can help your dog feel more comfortable in new situations and prevent him from feeling fear or anxiety when he sees other dogs.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a condition in which a dog becomes anxious when separated from its owner. If your dog has separation anxiety, there are several things you can do to help him feel more comfortable when he is away from you. These include providing him with a safe space, such as a crate or dog bed, that he can go to when he is feeling anxious and giving him puzzle toys or chew toys to keep him occupied. You should also avoid leaving your dog alone for long periods of time and make sure he gets plenty of exercise.

Fear of other dogs

Your dog might be crying when he sees another dog for a number of reasons, but the most likely reason is that he’s afraid of other dogs. This fear can be caused by a number of things, including a bad experience with another dog or a lack of socialization with other dogs. You can do a few things to help him feel more comfortable around them. First of all, try to keep him away from other dogs as much as possible. Here, If he does see another dog, try to keep him calm and relaxed, and don’t let him get too close to the other dog. You can also try desensitization training, which involves slowly exposing your dog to other dogs in a controlled environment, like a dog park. If you think your dog’s fear of other dogs is severe, you should consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to get help.

For Excitement

When your dog sees another dog, he might beg for excitement. This is because dogs are social animals and love being around other dogs. If your dog is usually friendly with other dogs, it is probably safe to assume that he is just excited to see them and wants to play. However, if your dog is usually shy or aggressive around other dogs, it is best to keep him away from them until you can assess the situation and make sure that he is not feeling threatened.


Dogs are social creatures and love to interact with other dogs. If your dog is crying when he sees another dog, it’s likely because he is excited to see the other dog and wants to greet him. They communicate through body language and vocalizations, so your dog’s cries could be his way of trying to get the other dog’s attention. However, if your dog is crying and the other dog is not responding, it’s possible that your dog is feeling anxious or frustrated.

Being Alone

Dogs can cry when they feel alone, and this is a common behavior. It generally happens when you have a one-and-only dog and do not keep your dog busy with playing. As a result, your dog becomes bored and begins to cry when they see another dog. In that case, it is better to either bring another dog into your house or keep your dog busy with playing and take him for walks frequently.

For Jealousy

Dogs can get jealous when they see another dog getting attention from their owner. If you are giving your dog less attention than usual, he may start to cry when he sees another dog getting attention from you. So, if you think your dog is crying because he is jealous, try to give him more attention and make sure he is getting plenty of exercise.

Possible Solutions to the Whining Problem

why does my dog whine when he sees other dogs

When a dog feels uncomfortable or wants to tell its owner something, they whine. Though this is not a serious matter, sometimes this becomes irritating and it is better to not allow your dog to whine frequently. Let’s see how you can reduce your dog’s crying when they see another dog:

Disallow behavior

One possible solution to a dog crying when seeing another dog is to disallow the behavior. This means that you will not allow your dog to engage in the behavior of crying when they see another dog. Instead, you will need to redirect your dog’s attention to something else or provide them with a cue to do something else. For example, you can say “look” and then offer a treat when your dog looks at you instead of crying.

Using Positive Reinforcement

Another solution to a dog crying when seeing another dog is using positive reinforcement. This means rewarding your dog for good behavior, such as staying calm when they see another dog. You can use treats, petting, or praise as rewards. It’s essential to be consistent with this approach so that your dog knows that they are being rewarded for the desired behavior.

Let Your Dog Meet Calm Dogs

If your dog’s crying reason is fear of other dogs, then you can solve this by meeting your dog with a calm dog. Calm dogs can help your dog feel more relaxed and comfortable in social situations. This can help your dog learn that not all dogs are a threat. If you do not have a calm dog, you may want to consider finding a calm dog that your dog can meet on a regular basis. This will give them a chance to socialize with other dogs in a safe and controlled environment.

Do Not Let Your Dog Alone

It is important to not let your dog be alone. This is because if your dog is alone, it will be more likely to cry out of fear or anxiety. Instead, try to socialize your dog by taking it to places where there are other dogs. This way, your dog will learn to be around other dogs and will not be as scared or anxious. Additionally, you can try training your dog to not be afraid of other dogs. This can be done by gradually exposing your dog to other dogs.

Obedience training

It is possible that obedience training may help to stop a dog from crying when seeing another dog. This type of training can help a dog learn to listen to commands and to stay calm in situations where they may be excited or nervous. It is important to find a trainer who can help you teach your dog the appropriate commands and behaviors. Obedience training can be an effective way to help your dog feel more comfortable around other dogs and reduce their anxiety in situations where they may be around other dogs.

Get Advice from a Dog Behaviorist and a Veterinarian

When crying gets out of hand and no way will work properly to solve this problem, it is important to take your dog to a dog behaviorist or a veterinarian. If you consult with a dog behaviorist or veterinarian to find out what might be causing the problem, it might be resolved. Your dog may be experiencing some sort of anxiety or fear when around other dogs, and the behaviorist may be able to provide some tips or exercises to help the dog feel more comfortable. Alternatively, there could be a medical issue causing the problem, and the veterinarian may be able to provide treatment. In any case, it is important to get professional advice in order to determine the best course of action.

When Is It Too Late to Socialize Dogs?

Most experts agree that puppies should begin socialization between the ages of three and sixteen weeks. But what if you didn’t get your puppy socialized and he gets old? Is it too late to socialize with him?

In the end, it depends on the individual dog. Some dogs are naturally outgoing and social, while others are more timid and reserved. However, there are a few general guidelines that can help you determine if it’s too late to socialize with your dog.

If your dog is older than 16 weeks, it’s not too late to socialize with them. However, you’ll need to be more patient and take things slower than you would with a younger puppy. Start by slowly introducing your dog to new people, animals, and situations. If they seem uncomfortable or scared, back off and give them time to adjust.

If your dog is aggressive or has a history of biting, it’s best to consult with a professional trainer or behaviorist before attempting to socialize them. Aggressive dogs can be dangerous, and you’ll need to make sure that you’re taking the proper precautions to keep everyone safe.

In general, it’s never too late to socialize with your dog. However, some dogs may do better with a slower, more gradual approach. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to consult with a professional.

Wrap Up

You may now understand why your dog cries when he sees another dog. If this is for pain or depression, then you must take your dog’s treatment. For other reasons, activities like walking, playing, showing love, meeting with other dogs, and socialization are enough. So, for what reason does your dog cry when he sees another dog? Did you find our expert advice in this article useful? Let us know in the comment section.

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