Shih Tzu Mixed With Husky

The Siberian Husky is a small snow dog with a joyful and pleasant personality, however, unlike Shih Tzu, a toy dog breed from Tibet (China) bred from Pekingese and Lhasa Apso. This article is unique and informative and will share Unusual Hybrid – Shih Tzu Mixed With Husky Mix.

In general, we’ve discovered that Shih Tzus mix best with other breeds, including ShiChi, Shorkie, Malshi, Zuchon, Pug-Zu, Shiranian, and others. The Shih Tzu and Siberian Huskies are crossed to birth a dog breed that we call Shih Tzusky. Today we will learn a lot of uncovered truths about Shih Tzu mixed with the husky breed.

Actually, there is a massive size variation between the two dog breeds, so the breed won’t be standard. However, using artificial insemination is typically the only possibility. Anyway, read the article to find out some other facts about the Husky and Shih Tzu breed.

History of Shih TzuHusky

Shih Tzu

shih tzu cross breeds

The Shih Tzu dog breed originated in Tibet and ancient China. They used to be lapdogs for royal households and were called the symbol of wealth. 

The  Shih Tzu is a small, sturdy dog with the most luxurious, long double-haired coat. It is indeed popular among dog lovers’ toys because of the breed’s serene personality, energetic attitude, and entertaining behavior.

One story is that Tibetan lamas created the breed to resemble miniature lions, the symbol of Buddhist mythology, and then gave them as presents to Chinese rulers to serve as valued lap dogs.

It is believed that the Pekingese and Lhasa Apso were combined to make Shih Tzu, which in Mandarin indicates “lion dog.” Before they were brought to England and then all of Europe in the 1930s, the breed was unknown outside of China.

The dog was originally introduced back to the country from Europe by American service members at the end of World War 2, and the American Kennel Club (AKC) granted it official recognition in 1969.

Siberian Husky

siberian husky mix

On the other hand, the Husky has a history that goes back more than three thousand years. The Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club authorized the Siberian Husky in 1930.

The Husky dog is a devoted and endearing breed. You can recognize the dog as a medium-sized working dog breed with its roots in Russia’s north-eastern Siberia, known as Chukcha.

Huskies are the best escape artists; they need a secure yard and always be on a leash when we go for walks. Huskies are the ideal dog for a strong person who likes the environment and going on adventures.

These dogs served as working farm dogs in addition to being utilized for sledding. Eventually, huskies arrived in Alaska during the late 1800s Gold Rush.

What Is Shih Tzusky Breed?

Both Huskies and Shih Tzus are the cutest, lovable, loyal, friendly, and energetic canines. We often see various hybrid dogs, but a lot of people have never heard of Shih Tzu Husky, but they are available.

A Siberian Husky and Shih Tzu cross produce a mixed dog breed known as a Husky Shih Tzu mix. This hybrid, which is commonly known as Shih Tzusky, is mainly made by artificial insemination. The breed is quite uncommon because of this unusual mixture.

Shih Tzu Siberian Husky Mix Nature

You must give this breed the proper attention and grooming because it is a unique find. In order to develop a dog that is friendly, energetic, and cheerful, this combined breed acquires the finest traits from its parental breeds. Check out the temperament or nature of this breed.

  • The dog is highly sociable and would like to live with the owner to play and have fun.
  • They always want a big yard that gets good maintenance.
  • Animals and kids are truly loved by them.
  • Due to the husky’s natural hunting mentality, keeping a combined breed around small animals can be quite dangerous.
  • Separation anxiety could be apparent.
  • The breed has the possibility to escape anywhere else as well.
  • They do bark like common dogs and love to cuddle, as it’s an affectionate breed.

Where Does Shih Tzu Husky Come From?

There are many different dog breeds. However, Shih Tzusky is not widely known. It is a whole new breed. Unlike huskies, which are from Siberia, Shih Tzu dogs come from China and Tibet. Interestingly, both of these dogs come from unique histories and have backgrounds of being employed in a variety of areas and also as symbols.

What Does Shih Tzusky Look Like?

husky shih tzu mix puppies

They are a mixed breed, so the breed will be quite unique. If you notice their individual appearance, you can sense what the mixed breed might look like. 

Shih Tzu

  1. Shih Tzu has a good-sized head and is normally shorter than tall
  2. You will see the long, velvety double coat of Shih Tzu breed
  3. This breed is brachycephalic due to the extremely short face, massive, dark eyes, and drooping ears
  4. Available in white, black, tan, and gold colors
  5. Also, there can be a combination of two hues, such as white and black or white and liver.

Siberian Husky

  1. The Siberian Husky has erect eyes and ears that differ in color from brown to blue, or possibly one color
  2. You will also notice the topline is level, and the neck is carried in a straight line
  3. These dogs look like wolves and have captivating blue or brown eyes. bicolored eyes
  4. The most typical hues are pure white, black and white, or copper and white
  5. They have bushy tails and pointy ears as well.

How Big Can The Mix Shih Tzusky Get?

Shih Tzu is usually identified as a toy dog in most countries, with a height range of 8 to 11 inches and a weight range of 9 to 16 pounds. The largest husky-like dog breed, the Alaskan Malamute, can grow to 26 inches in height. Additionally, the hybrid Husky-Shih Tzu breed can grow to a height of 8 to 11 inches.

Coat and Coloring of the Dog Breed

The husky and Shih Tzu parents might leave them with either longer or shorter coats. This dog breed will be thick, double-coated, and can be straight or wavy. The most traditional coat colors that we can see are black, brown, white, and silver. You might also notice brindle and parti-color patterns.

Shih Tzusky’s Grooming and Shedding

  1. Shih Tzu Husky sheds on average, so regular brushing is necessary to remove dead hair and maintain the quality of his coat.
  2. A daily run or walk is vital.
  3. It will always shed its double coat, but the length of hair is influenced by genetic features.
  4. A Husky’s coat only needs to be cleaned and brushed once or twice a week.
  5. To avoid infection, keep the nails short and routinely brush your teeth and ears.
  6. Feed your Shih Tzusky only high-quality food that contains primarily meat protein.
  7. Don’t let the dog gain more weight, particularly considering that this breed is sensitive to hip dysplasia.

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The Aggressiveness of Tzusky

Shih Tzusky breeds are not particularly aggressive. They are quite friendly and lovable. However, they don’t like or interact with strangers since they might use their barking to attack them. They usually act according to the owner’s behavior towards them, and we have some possible reasons that make them act aggressively.

  1. Genes inherited from violent Husky parents
  2. Unfavorable incidents with the previous owner
  3. Lack of grooming
  4. long-term sickness.

Health Difficulties About Husky & Shih Tzu Mix

This rare dog breed does have severe health issues, though they live longer than the majority of breeds, especially since they come from Shih Tzu dogs. For example,

  1. Because of Shih Tzus, the breed will have respiratory problems or eye difficulties. 
  2. Neck and back pain for long back.
  3. Prone to hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, allergies, and ear and kidney infections.
  4. “Follicular dysplasia” is a typical hereditary condition that can result in significant hair loss. For the husky breed, there is a risk of hip dysplasia and eye problems like cataracts.
  5. Risk factors include genetic problems, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

Shih Tzusky Breed Exercise and Training Session

  1. The dog is intelligent and enjoys exercising, so you can train it by walking or jogging.
  2. This particular breed requires extensive training as well as the daily exercise of at least 30 minutes.
  3. Because of its high athleticism, the dog needs to regularly exercise in order to avoid depression and violent behavior.
  4. Exercise your Shih Tzusky during the coolest part of the day in order to control the temperature yet keep her inside of an air-conditioned environment.

How Long Do Shih Tzusky Live?

Shih Tzus often live 10–16 years, but Siberian Huskies, given the right care, can live 12–14 years. Additionally, with proper care, Shih Tzusky dogs often live 10-15 years.

Despite having a relatively long life because of their unique breed, Tzuskies face a lot of health issues. The majority of Shih Tzu illnesses are disposed to them, and vision difficulties are particularly common in this breed.

Siberian Husky Shih Tzu Food Habit

For different types of dog breeds, like the Siberian Husky or Shih Tzu, you will need to make diet decisions on a per-dog basis. The majority of dogs in the US are overweight. Therefore, you must appropriately feed them.

The raw food diet is a wonderful option to consider. For the wolf’s background, raw food diet will be very healthy and helpful.

It is important to start taking fish oil, chondroitin supplements, and glucosamine for hip and elbow dysplasia.

Overfeeding any dog is not a good idea because it can make health issues like elbow and hip dysplasia worse.

Good and Bad About The Dog Breed Husky & Shih Tzu Mix

Positive Things

  • Long living dog
  • Good personality
  • Friendly with humans
  • Loyal and faithful
  • Adorable and loving
  • They avoid making mistakes
  • Independent type.

Negative Things

  • The breed is challenging to train
  • Act wild with other small animals
  • Long-term illnesses
  • Breathing issues
  • Become anxious while separated
  • Can escape at any time like husky
  • The danger of overheating
  • They need a high shed and high grooming.

Where Can You Buy Shih-Tzu Husky Mix?

Unfortunately, because Shih Tzusky is a very recent designer breed, the canine breed is hard to come by. Look for trustworthy breeders who produce Husky or Shih Tzu hybrids. You can ask for the husky Shih Tzu breed if they plan to do so.


1. How big will Shih Tzu Husky mix get?

Since there is a significant size gap between the husky and Shih Tzu, the Shih Tzu Husky can reach heights of 8 to 18 inches.

2. Can Husky live with Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzu and Huskies can stay peacefully since they are both lively, faithful, and loving dogs. If raised around pets, they get along well with them and enjoy time with children. But because of the breed’s strong hunting nature, the Husky and Shih Tzu shouldn’t be around any small animals.

3. What two breeds make Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzu is a cute little dog breed that originated in Tibet by cross-breeding between the Lhasa Apso and Pekingese. Presumably, as a gift, Tibet sent dogs to the Chinese royalty.

4. How do Husky/Shih Tzu mix puppies behave?

The Husky and Shih Tzu puppies are attractive, entertaining, and devoted animals. However, since it’s a rare breed between two canines of various sizes and personalities, you might observe some unusual behavior.

Wrapping Up

Shih Tzusky is an attractive, faithful, and devoted friend. However, it’s time to end the unusual breed of Shih Tzu Mixed With Husky topic. Though there is not enough information regarding the breed, we have gathered a lot of knowledge about Shih Tzusky dog. 

Keep in mind that they need extra care as they are rare. So, follow our given tips to perfectly pet this mixed dog breed to make her affectionate and devoted to you.

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