I Hate it When My Dog Melts

“A dog is the only living pet animal who loves you more than you love yourself.” If you are a pet lover, you might have heard this quote. You also have heard the dog melting thing. It actually indicates that the pet has become more sensitive or affectionate since they are conscious of how they have affected someone’s feelings. 

Despite how cute they may seem, I hate when my dog melts!  We sympathize with our loyal companion and sigh, “Poor Little Dog.” Don’t you hate the situation when your lovely dog melts? 

Generally, dogs melt for various reasons, not only the emotional one. Sometimes they face some difficulties, like scariness or sickness, or sometimes for extreme level of hunger that make them melt. We often get stressed about not seeing them acting normally. So, let’s have a look at the possible reasons for dog’s melt and how to make them lively again.

The Temperature Problem

Sometimes we hate it when our dogs melt away. But why does it happen? It might happen when your dog feels bad due to the wrong temperature. 

Keep Temperature in Mind

Too much heat or too much cold makes them feel down, which lets them melt. We hate it when the dog melts on the floor. This is not how we want to see them! 

Sometimes we need to understand which temperature is suitable for our dog. Too much hot weather might make the dog weary or melt, and too much cold weather sometimes makes them sick. 

Choose Ice Melt

If you are living on an icy continent, your dog may become at risk if it comes into contact with melting ice. The dog’s paws absorb the ice melt. In those situations, you can choose Safe Paw Ice Melt.

The ice starts to melt when the freezing point drops below and make sure there is enough chemicals.

If you find your dog licking his feet after consuming ice melts, don’t forget to clean the paws. Wipes are also a simple way to accomplish this.

Use Paw Wax

In the winter time, you can apply Dog Paw Wax. It helps as a barrier against ice melt, which eliminates the suffering of paws.

Buy Dogs Boots

You can buy a boot for a dog’s feet for protection. The durable velcro strap holds the robust Ruffwear boots in place, and they will stay for a long time.

Clean Dog’s Paws

Why is my dog melting? If you find your dog melting, we should take proper care of them as they are the loyal companions to us. After leaving the house, clean their paws. It’s easy and good for your pet’s health. 

You hate it when the dog melts quietly, and you also hate it when the dog melts his paw. So, clean their paws in a way that there are no leftover toxic elements or dirt on their skin. This is good for the home environment as well as great for pets. Hopefully, they won’t melt, and if you need more advice, meet the groomer for ideas to keep the pet safe. 

Why it’s necessary to clean your dog’s paw? 

There are some reasons that make washing your dog’s paws an essential part of leaving the house or vehicle. Clean your pet’s paws to remove dirt so that they become clean, and it will also ensure floor cleanliness.

Another reason is that when you clean the dog’s paw, it becomes disinfected, and there will be no risk of any paw problems that might occur because of the dust.

Sometimes, abrasions and discomfort may occur because of caked-type thick dirt and debris that are concealed under the dog’s paw. Cleaning your dog’s paws can also help you identify ticks, which can cause severe issues if they’re hidden under the dog’s toes.

How to Clean Dog’s Paws

How to Clean Dog's Paws

Make use of Paw Wash Products

There are pet-specific paw wash products available on the market. You can use the products to clean your dog’s paws properly. Or if you prefer making homemade solutions, then use dawn and water. 

Use Towel

If your dog is nervous, we suggest using a towel as an alternative option. It’s because dirt and debris can be stuck in your dog’s paws and eventually come into the floors. Be sure to clean around their paws as well as in between their toes. 

Use Antibacterial Spray-On Mitt

Besides, you should get an antibacterial spray-on mitt for cleaning after walking. It’s necessary to keep the paw disinfected from bacteria.

Keep Dog’s Ears Clean

Cleaning your dog’s ears is also important to make them feel better. You can try using ear cleaning solutions to keep the ear clean so that you get a fresh smell. 

There are some good-quality ear cleaning products available at the veterinarian’s office. You are a pet lover, so you should visit there to get important products for your adorable dog.

Why Cleaning Ears is Necessary?

Cleaning ears is important to make your dog comfortable and keep them safe from any ear problems. You can use soft materials like cotton balls or there are some other solutions that you can follow to keep the dog relaxed when they melt.

How to Clean Dogs Ears

Choose Soft and Dry to Wash

Simply take around 20 to 30 seconds and comfortably hold the ear flap and massage the ear base. This ear washing works by removing wax and other dirt from the dog’s ear.

Choose something delicate and dry to remove the debris when you intend to wash the puppy’s ear. Dogs become sensitive when they start to melt. Don’t let them stay like this. They might be expecting to have a fresh ear!

Use Cotton Balls or Pads or Clothes Pieces

You can use cotton balls, pads that girls use for doing makeup, or you can use clothes pieces like clean t-shirt pieces that can be used to clean a dog’s ears. Never reach the ear canal more deeply than halfway or midway. 

Standard Ear Cleaning Solution

We have recommended cotton balls, but if you are looking for an alternative, then there is a standard ear cleaning solution available to clean the ear canal. A lot of dog lovers prefer this solution.

When you choose a solution ensure that it has a drying agent when being used. Why drying agent? It’s because too much moisture can cause an ear infection so keep your favorite dog safe. 

Speed Up the Drying Time

Whenever you clean your pet’s ears after every shower, always remember to speed up the drying time. Keep in mind that you should avoid using cleaning solutions that do not contain any alcohol or other harsh components.

You can also use gauze or cotton balls instead of cotton balls, as it won’t hurt the dog’s ears. The more delicate things you use, the more your pet will feel comfortable when you clean the ear. Remember, when you wash your dog’s ear, always wear gloves as the cotton you use might hurt the sensitive tissues. 

Meet Veterinary Doctor

If you find anything wrong with your dog like they are not responding or backtracking properly, take them to the vet immediately. The way we need doctors when we get sick, dogs also expect doctors! Alternatively, you can mistakenly spray alcohol in the ears.

After cleaning the ears, let the dog smile, and give something that every dog loves! Hopefully, they will be back to their regular activities soon. No more melting! 

Shorten the Dog’s Nails

Simply trim your dog’s nails regularly to keep them short, and ensure they get enough activity on a continuous basis. So trim your dog’s nails at least a tiny bit each week. 

Why it is necessary to cut nails frequently? 

Why it is necessary to cut nails frequently

There are a number of benefits to cutting your dog’s nails. A short nail helps to walk comfortably, and there will be no pain for your pets.

Then, the toe joints often become compressed and twist out of alignment because of having long nails. Keep it small, don’t let them feel disheartened for having nail pain. 

Also, a risk of germs and fungus that can be spread to people by scratches left by long nails. This may cause massive infections, so be careful about it! 

Moreover, large nails can ruin the house furniture or the floors as well. Therefore, it’s necessary for your pet’s health and wellness to keep their nails short.

Long Nails Cause Injuries

Having long nails is a disturbing part for the dog. If the dog has long nails, it becomes weak and more sensitive to create discomfort or injuries like infection or bleeding.

Skeleton Problem

Long nails make the dog feel uneasy when they walk and they may develop skeletal issues. So, it’s really essential to clip your dog’s nails to help the pet from melting. 

Regular Nail Clipping

Clip the dog’s nails regularly to keep their health condition good. Regular nail trimming can lessen the chance of infection and then provide pain relief. It’s essential to keep dog nails trimmed because they can cause suffering and irreparable damage.

Then, nerves and blood vessels are found in the “quick,” or area closest to the knuckle of growing nails. So, you might understand why it’s important to shorten nails.

Take the Dog to a Vet or Professional Groomer

Also, you can take your doggie to the vet or a pro groomer. They can help you by sharing some good advice about maintaining the dog’s nails. 


1. Why my dog melts?

Dogs typically melt when they become emotional, when they feel they have heartened someone, or sometimes they melt when they get sick or scared. 

2. What scents do dogs dislike?

Dogs usually hate the scent of hot peppers, ground spices, herbs, and citrus scents. 

3. How to take care of your dog when they melt?

You can take your dog to the vet or you can also take proper care of them, like cleaning their ears, taking them to the bath, clipping nails, or giving them healthy foods that possibly can keep them away from melting.

4. Does the hot temperature make the dog melt?

Yes, it might happen because of overheating. If they feel exhausted, they stay alone as they become tired because of dehydration. Sometimes it may cause heatstroke or even death.


So, we guess you don’t have to say, “I hate it when my Dog Melts again!” We have shared all the possible causes that melt the dog. It’s such a sad moment to see them like this. That’s why we have shared some effective ways to keep them lively. 

If you find our article helpful, please always get in touch with our website. We are always active for pet lovers who expect some information regarding how you can take care of the pets.

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