How To Make Dog Ears Stay Down?

Welcome to the pet lover’s world! Today’s article will go on a journey to discuss How to Make Dog Ears Stay Down. There are numerous dog breeds that have different sizes and shapes of ears.

Making the dog’s ears stay down is part of your responsibility. Some dog breeds are born with floppy ears that wrinkle at the middle of the ear. Other breeds require some direction because their ears may stand up, most notably when they are puppies.

Many pet lovers prefer their dogs’ ears to lie down. So, we came up with today’s article to help them with how to make the droopy ear. We will take the adorable German Shepherd as an example to show how you can make stand-up ears stay down.

How Does Dog’s Ears Function?

How To Make German Shepherd Ears Stay Down

Different Sizes and Shapes

Let us first introduce the dog’s ear, which is an important organ. Then we will get back to the main topic. Dog ears come in various sizes and shapes, from small to huge, floppy to folded. 

Yet, all dog ears perform as sound funnels. Almost 18 muscles work in your dog’s ears to angle, raise, and rotate their ears to sense sounds from any direction.

Two Main Works of Ear

Canines or dogs employ vocalizations for intraspecies connection. The dog’s ears work to detect sound, allow hearing, and maintain the balance of noise. They can move their ears independently, but you should put them down when you notice they’ve started to stand up.

A dog also has an extremely developed hearing ability, so they can hear ultrasonic sounds. They also have the ability to receive sound vibrations into their ear canals. In that situation, they turn their ear pinnae, or outer ear, in the ideal direction. The dog-ear pinnae can also be achieved by cleaning the dog’s ears regularly.

How to Keep the Dogs Ear Down

How to Keep the Dogs Ear Down

Well, let’s get back to the point! We dog lovers sometimes prefer to see our dog’s ears laying down. But how to make it? This is completely fine when puppies go through numerous stages in their growing time to have perfectly straight ears.

Some may even wonder how to make a dog’s ears floppy in the latter situation. One of the most effective approaches is to tape down a dog’s ears. Let’s talk about this!

Tape Your Dogs Ears Down

This is the best solution to keep the dog’s ears down. This is a way that we usually follow by pulling the upright ears down and taping or gluing them as far down under the chin as possible. Some pet owners even tape their ears together under their chin. But make sure you take the best advice from the vet. 

Your dog has chaotic behavior, so you should use the tape, which is strong enough to hold. Using glue or other adhesive things is not a smart move to make dog ears stay down. 

Unfortunately, it creates uncomfortable situations, so you better try something else to make the ear go down. We will talk about more ideas. Don’t leave the article.

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Use Adhesive Tapes

In some cases, taping a dog’s ears down can benefit the dog’s health. If the vet suggests following the taping session, just go with it. Simply, you will have to clean the dog’s ears by rubbing alcohol. Do the work before folding over ears and press ear into the proper place with a unique adhesive type of tape. 

Until your cute puppy becomes three months old, never tape the dog’s ears. At least they should be 3 months old. Also, you need to check the pet’s infection possibility and its ears. If you, unfortunately, find any irritation, rash, or coloring problem, immediately remove the adhesive or visit your veterinarian for the proper treatment.

Dog Ear Cropping

Cropping is the most popular controversial vulgar solution for the dog’s ear. Some dog owners crop their dogs’ ears, specifically Boston terriers, Doberman pinschers, boxers, or Great Danes. This treatment of cropping a dog’s ears can be done for aesthetic reasons. Ear cropping is considered the most common practice we perform on dog breeds. 

However, the practice is uncomfortable and, in some cases, illegal. Ear cropping is an elective surgery that involves the surgical removal of most or all of the flappy parts of the ear.

Actually, whether a dog’s ears are straight or droopy is defined by the dog’s breed. In some cases, a dog may have one floppy ear, which is a medical condition like otohematoma. A puppy’s ears develop after a certain time, and we suggest not trying the ear cropping treatment for making dog ears floppy.

Why is it crucial to tape a dog’s ears?

Why do we crop or tape our dog’s ears? Generally, we tape down or crop the working dog’s upright ears to reduce the risk of injuries while hunting or if they come across any wild animal. Some of us favor erect dog ears, while others prefer floppy or laid-down dog ears.

We normally tape the dog’s ears by bringing the erect or upright ears down and taping them down under the dog’s chin. Some people even tape their ears together under their chin. Make sure the tape is strong enough to hold, especially in the case of young dogs. You can also use this type of tape to fix your ears.

We usually choose the grooming table when gluing ears so that we can ensure that the puppy is familiar with being in a noose and sitting on the grooming table. So first, prepare your pet.

Some other ways to make dog’s ears down

Use Bandages

Another alternative option to make your dog’s ears down is using bandages. It’s almost like the taping process, but with a little difference in where you wrap up the pet’s ear with bandages. The bandages are put around the dog’s neck and head and secured to prevent ear movement. The ear will remain the same when the dog grows.

Dog’s Ear Glue 

This is another great way to keep the dog’s ear stay down. Most dogs’ glues are usually used for puppies, as it is much easier to keep the ear down when performed during their early development.

You have to shave the areas where the top of the ears will be bonded. This is the first thing before applying the puppy ear glue. You have to use a swab to apply ear glue to the tip of the ear. You will see the ear is held down tightly for a few seconds while the puppy glue dries out. Ultimately, the glue falls out, and the dog’s hair will grow.  

Hair growth is frequently able to cover the ears after 3 to 4 weeks and remember, you have to make the glue stay at least for three weeks. There is a risk of infection, so you have to check the smell at the glued edges. 

Most of the infections arise within the first few days to a week after the ears have been set with the glue. During the process, you should give them lots of play sessions so that they can keep their minds out of their ears.

Session of Surgery

This is the last but not least solution for keeping the dog’s ear droopy. Surgery can be the most effective way to drop down the dog’s ears. Surgery is frequently used by veterinarians to help dogs with ear issues.

They can transform the ears to heal if the dog has a hematoma, infection, or serious injury. Your dog might need anesthesia, and there is a risk involved, so they don’t like to perform this operation only for aesthetic purposes. But if you want the surgery for other reasons, then they might consider it.

When you are finding the dog’s ear-related solutions, you should check your dog’s breed, the dog’s ears, diet, interactions, and some other facts to make the dog’s ears down. These are basic instructions before making your dog’s ears floppy or droopy.

How To Make German Shepherd Ears Stay Down

Generally, we find our dog’s ears stay down. In the matter of our favorite German Shepherd, the ears may flip from rising upright to flopping over, completely without cause or reason.

You can simply tape the ear by using bandages or tape. You can also use adhesive or glue to make the German Shepherd’s ears down. The ideas you follow to make any dog’s ears down are almost the same, but if you have a German Shepherd

It is suggested to tape up your German shepherd puppy’s ears after its adult teeth have started to develop (approximately 3 to 5 months). You can stay up to the ears as well as stay down.


1. How can I train my dog’s ears to stay floppy?

This is not necessary to train them to have a floppy ear, but we often prefer this as it may cause infection in the ear. Instead of unnecessary training, you can use bandages, tape, glue, or cropping, and surgery is also executed to make the ears floppy.

2. Is it normal to have one straight ear and one floppy ear?

One ear floppy or one straight ear could happen because of illness or fungal ear infections such as parasites or Malassezia, or other conditions. Usually, it happens because of bite wounds. Also, if your dog gets “up” ears, they may also have one ear up and one ear down, which is actually a common ear position.

3. Is ear cropping cruel?

Ear-cropping is not medically suggested nor advantageous to the animal. These surgeries create discomfort with the risks of infection, anesthesia, or blood loss. Also, it could cause long-term emotional damage.

4. What tape should I use to wrap my dog’s ears?

You can get thin and round white tape. Also, make sure the tape is strong enough to hold the ears perfectly in place.

Final Words

Okay, now it’s a wrap-up session. We have shared How to make dog ears stay down. You can simply tape it up by using tape, a bandage, or glue. And surgery can be another option to make your beloved dog’s ears down.

All of them are easy-going processes, so there will be no hassle. If you follow our given ideas, you can easily make your dog ear down to keep them safe and secure from any difficulties. 

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