How High Can A German Shepherd Jump?

You must have the idea that the German Shepherd is an athletic dog with excellent agility. German Shepherds are trained to herd livestock, help in police departments or the military, lead the blind, and carry out rescue operations, so they have a different level of reputation in dog society.

Recently, you’ve noticed your adorable German Shepherd is playing and jumping, so you’re wondering, “How High Can A German Shepherd Jump?” Well, a large, athletic German Shepherd dog can typically jump anywhere between 1.2 and 1.8 meters, or four and six feet. They are able to jump higher, up to around 10 feet, with run-ups.

Their height, nutrition, and quantity of exercise are just a few of the factors that impact how high they can jump. This article will tell you more about the German Shepherd’s ability to jump. So, keep reading!

How high can dogs jump?

how high can german shepherds jump
  • The average dog can jump one to three times their height. That gives the larger breeds a maximum jumping height of around 6 inches.
  • In general, a 1-foot-tall dog is capable of a 3-foot jump.
  • Certain breeds, such as the Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, German, Belgian, or Australian Shepherd, Bull Terrier, Vizsla, or Border Collie, can jump too high.

What is the highest jumping dog breed?

We will provide some vital information, but we cannot give the exact height of the highest jumping dog as the records might have changed. Anyway, let’s have a look at some facts about the highest-jumping dogs.

  • Feather (USA), in Frederick, Maryland, on September 14, 2017, made the biggest dog jump of 191.7 cm (75.5 in).
  • Various sources list various dog breeds by different names, but according to us, we found the Ibizan Hound can jump the highest, ranging from 56-74 cm.
  • Additionally, adult Border Collies have a maximum vertical leap of almost 6 feet.
  • One of the canine breeds that can jump straight up or over high hurdles is the greyhound. They can swiftly clear a 5-foot-tall barrier by jumping.
  • Then, a fully trained Belgian Shepherd can jump somewhere between 61 and 66 cm, a Vizsla anywhere between 53 and 66 cm, and certain other dog breeds can jump relatively high.

Is it OK for German Shepherds to jump?

When your German Shepherd jumps, it’s normal. Although they might not always be at the top of the list, they are fierce candidates for dock diving. It’s normal for German Shepherds to jump up when they’re eager to express their joy.

Any time they have to cross a barrier or a fence, they could potentially jump. However, occasionally it develops into a bad habit, and one must stop rewarding the dog when it jumps repeatedly.

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5 Factors That Matter When German shepherd Jumps

how far can a german shepherd jump

Physical Ability

A German shepherd dog’s physical and mental state has a big impact on how high it can jump. Therefore, dogs with arthritis or elbow dysplasia are unable to jump very high.

German Shepherds need to be mentally and physically active all the time to stay happy and healthy. As a result, we offer interesting and difficult toys, such as puppy puzzles, or we take them for exercise.


German Shepherds are a breed renowned for their athleticism, where genetics play a part in their capacity for jumping. Due to their athleticism, they like being active. They have much more speed than most dog breeds and have strong hind legs, which allows them to jump higher.

Dogs Training

The shepherd is capable of jumping when they get proper training. Your German Shepherd can be trained to jump very high with the right technique and lots of repetition. As soon as they are puppies, begin the training.

Shepherds Age

At two years of age, German Shepherds gain the strength of athleticism and give the best jumping dog sports performances. Their capacity to jump begins to steadily decline after the age of 6. Dogs develop arthritis as they age, which affects their capacity to jump.

Life Experience of Dog

A German Shepherd who tried to jump a fence and got hurt in the stomach or who got its paw stuck, fell, and broke the leg becomes conscious not to jump in the future. However, trained shepherds typically possess an intellect that gives them confidence when they jump.

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How much exercise does a German Shepherd need?

The majority of German Shepherds generally require 90 minutes of exercise each day. The dog should ideally walk, run, or play in a field or outside. Running helps stretch out the dog’s legs. Take your dog on 15- to 30-minute walks, or at most 45 minutes, and make them join some free play.

Why Do German Shepherds Jump?

why does my german shepherd jump on me
  • German Shepherd dogs have a habit of jumping.
  • When they see their owner or family, German shepherds often jump.
  • Furthermore, German Shepherds are overly protective of their owners and families.
  • If your German shepherd jumps up on people, it’s usually because he wants your attention, food, or a toy, which is quite common.
  • Sometimes they want to dominate; therefore, they could also jump.
  • It’s possible that your German shepherd is jumping on you out of boredom and frustration.
  • Your dog may jump on you and bite you in an attempt to get what he wants, which needs to be stopped.
  • When they want your attention or to play around, they will also jump on you.
  • Dogs must pass the obstacles by jumping, using tunnels, and using walkways due to their agility, which causes them to jump.
  • An obstacle with a specified height could need to be cleared by the dog, so they jump.
  • A dog sport that GSDs are excellent at is dock diving. In an effort to grab a toy that their owner throws anywhere, dogs will run at full speed and jump as far as they can. This is similar to the human long jump.

Some pet owners questioned, Why does my German shepherd, who is one year old, come near me and give me a hard bite when we’re out walking? The dog can jump on you if they feel uncomfortable or if they don’t have the necessary training. Sometimes they jump out of fear.

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How far can a German Shepherd jump?

The ability to jump far and high is not often related to German shepherds. They can jump higher as they have strength and quickness in the rear legs. German Shepherds typically jump up to 21 feet for distance jumps and between 15 and 18 feet for air retrieves in this well-liked dog sport.

How high can a German Shepherd puppy jump?

Dogs develop arthritis as they age, which affects their ability to jump. The dog will be able to jump higher the younger it is! Typically, a dog will jump from four to six feet, and small puppies shouldn’t jump from very high places until they are at least twelve to fifteen months old.

Can a German Shepherd jump a 5-foot fence?

Dogs can typically jump twice as high as their height, or even three times higher. A young German shepherd can cross a 4 to 5-foot fence without much hardship, whereas some trained shepherds can jump a 10-foot fence.

Can you believe it? But yes, they can, as they have great strength and agility. Therefore, you need to install panels if you have a chain-link barrier or fence that will obstruct the view of your German Shepherd.

Can a German shepherd jump a 6-foot fence?

can a german shepherd jump a 6 foot fence

A medium-sized German Shepherd can easily climb a fence that is 4 to 6 ft high if you give them enough area to get a head start. It is to be said that four feet are easy to cross by a shepherd dog. Therefore, install a 6 to 7 ft high fence for the majority of breeds, including German Shepherds. 

How high should a German Shepherd fence be?

The conventional height of a fence is six feet or 72 inches. The average height is between 22 and 26 inches tall at the shoulder, and the case of the smallest breed requires a fence that is at least 50 inches tall. Some owners said a German Shepherd should be okay with a 1200 mm fence in most cases.

How Can German Shepherds Jump So High?

  • German Shepherds with athletic bodies and high strength are excellent working dogs.
  • They can generate strength from their particularly powerful rear legs and do long jumps.
  • Some dog breeds can jump around twice as high as they are tall, while larger, more athletic breeds like the German Shepherd can jump up to three times as high.
  • Shepherds have the same capacity for vertical jumping as humans.
  • Small dogs can’t jump very high. Chihuahuas, for instance, are only capable of a 2-foot jump.
  • During the Cold War, certain shepherds who had received sufficient training to guard and safeguard the East German border could jump considerably higher.
  • The six-foot walls or fences are no match for their athleticism.

How do you stop a German shepherd from jumping over your fence?

german shepherd jumping fence

German Shepherd jumping off a wall or fence? Simply follow our given tips to stop them with love.

  • Keep an eye out for anything in your yard that might help your dog get through your fencing.
  • You can stop the shepherd from jumping by removing or blocking any of these escaping objects or things that can help them jump.
  • Your dog will learn to show proper behavior for you over time with the help of dog training.
  • Dogs that don’t get enough mental stimulation look outside their fence for exploration, such as interesting animals, individuals, or new locations to visit. Therefore, provide them with the appropriate mental fortitude.
  • Spending at least two hours every day exercising regularly is essential. Exercise satisfies your dog’s natural urge to move about by increasing its heart rate and breathing.
  • Build a fence that is 6-7 feet high.
  • Some owners construct an L-shaped piece of wood that ties to the fence along the small end of the “L.”
  • Restrict and conceal your dog’s view by putting up panels. Dogs occasionally attempt to catch anything from the ground inside, so they attempt to cross the fence to hunt objects like runners, cats, or any vehicles.
  • Make your yard inviting for them by including a kiddie pool in the summer to keep them cool and provide toys, treats, or interesting food stations with delicious smells.
  • They can be taken for a walk, or an overhead trolley exerciser can be set up to make them stop jumping.

German Shepherd Jumping Height and Weight Chart

Age (Month)Max Height Limit (in)Minimum Jump Height (in)Maximum Jump Height (in)
10 244872
11 244872
12 244872
1.5 Years255075
2 Years255075
3 Years265278

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1. Which dog jumps the highest?

The Greyhound dog breed holds the Guinness World Record for the highest jump at six feet, 29 inches, and we discovered that they are able to jump right up or over obstacles at heights of 5 feet. Also, Ibizan Hound can jump the longest around 56 to 74 cm.
Additionally, some dogs, including the Vizsla, Border Collie, and Jack Russell Terrier, have a tendency to jump very high.

How far down can a German Shepherd jump?

A trained German Shepherd dog can jump up to 21 feet for a distance jump and 15 to 18 feet for an air retrieve. 

How high can an Australian Shepherd jump?

Australian Shepherds are capable of high jumping and quick acceleration since they have strong hips and legs. This kind of dog can typically jump 1.3 meters (4 feet) high. Sometimes a well-trained shepherd can jump significantly higher than you expect.

How do I stop my German Shepherd from jumping up?

1. Continue to maintain your calmness and resist encouraging jumping with words like “no” or “down.”
2. Give your attention so that it won’t jump and will remain seated.
3. Put the dog in another area to calm down, and try again after a little while. Step on the leash to stop him from jumping.
4. Train the dog to maintain a four-pawed footing on the floor.

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Concluding Section

So, it’s time to conclude the entire section. Did you take the measurement for “How High Can A German Shepherd Jump?” It’ll be four to six feet, or if the dog is well-trained and strong, it can cross the average rate of jumping height. Usually, the dog jumps as they are the well-trained athletic type, and have physical and mental strength.

We have also discovered how far they can jump if they excessively jump, and how to stop them from jumping near the fence. Additionally, give a look at the chart. We hope this article has shared everything that you need to know about shepherd dogs jumping.

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